Announcing Patriot Weaponry

Adam Mattis, President of R3 Strategic Consultancy is proud to announce the launch of a new AR manufacturer owned by US Army Veteran, Kody Karch. Patriot Weaponry aim to stand out in a sea of black-gun makers by producing what they dub to be the “Ferrari of ARs.” In partnership with Proof Research, Kody builds each weapon to the customers taste utilizing the finest in carbon fiber, titanium, and precision modified components. Give them a look!

Patriot Weaponry – Launch from R3 Strategic on Vimeo.


9 Responses to “Announcing Patriot Weaponry”

  1. Disco says:

    I dunno…KAC is tge Ferrari of ARs.
    These guys could be the Lamborghini I guess..

  2. D.B. says:

    …and the thread quickly degraded, once again.

  3. Gabe says:

    Clearly they are the best…who else has a titanium mag release!

    Good luck guys but maybe get some product out there and get in the game before trying to take the trophy home.

  4. Recoil says:

    I had a chance to shoot one of the prototype rifles a few weeks back and I was pretty Impressed. I own several high end AR’s and not one of them shoot as smooth or as accurate as thepatriot weaponry model I shot. These guns are the real deal!

  5. MK says:

    All the pictures on the site shows me a bunch of guns using good-quality but not top-of-the-line components. I built an AR of equivalent apparent quality myself recently, using a $40 Anderson lower. I’ll keep saving up for that Hodge.

    • Recoil says:

      So what are top of the line components MK?

      • Precision Gunner says:

        MK, dd you just say you made an equivalent AR using and Anderson lower!!! LOL Holy lord, good luck getting Patriot Weaponry’s 1/2″ MOA Using forged recievers.