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Oregon Trail Defense – OTD Stipple Kit

OTD Stipple Kit

Oregon Trail Defense is now offering their OTD Stipple Kit, which features everything necessary to provide one of multiple stippled patterns to your polymer framed handguns. Included within the kit is a Wall Lenk 25 Watt Stippling gun with a short shaft, as well as the following tips: Waffle tip, Rectangle Tip, Large Round Tip, Small Round Tip, and a Chisel Tip.

Below are examples of some of the stippling patterns that can be applied using the tips from the kit:

If you are already in possession of a stippling gun, then the tips can also be purchased individually.



8 Responses to “Oregon Trail Defense – OTD Stipple Kit”

  1. Steve says:

    Wood. Burner. My old Eagle Scout one is in the garage somewhere . . .

  2. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    What is the difference between a 25w soldering iron and a stippling tool?

    • Steve says:

      About $25 bucks.

      • Sam says:

        ^ LOL yup, and the size of shaft you get literally and figuratively. For $48+shipping, I’ll keep using my $12 wood burner and leave the official handy dandy “stippling gun” to the pros.

  3. Andy says:

    I get more tips with wood burner….

  4. Dan S says:

    “DIY ruin your polymer frame for $50”

  5. Tetsuo says:

    They’re essentially charging the buyer an extra $30+ for a Weller Wood Burning kit you can buy off Amazon or your local hardware store in which they take one of the included tips and checkering it with a checkering 00 file. Go to your hardware store, but the same kit and checker it with a file if you don’t have the checkering file handy.

  6. otdefense says:

    Yes you can indeed buy a Weller wood burning kit made by the Chinese for $20. You can also buy a checkering file for $40 and make your own tips! We are using an American made wood burner and American made tips. And you can practice stippling on the case.

    If you already have a wood burner you can just buy a waffle tip ($8.95)or two if you’d rather not buy a checkering file and make your own.

    And to those worry-worts who think that gun owners who stipple their own guns are going to ruin them, not all share your lack of self confidence.