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Costa Visits Poland

Looks like a great trip.

“If the spoon won’t stand up in your coffee then it isn’t Polish coffee. (Plujka). Working the long gun today and already broke two lugs on a 416HK bolt. Also picked up a polish female.”


30 Responses to “Costa Visits Poland”

  1. HKH ATER says:


    Delicate contraptions that happen to be guns.

    They shoulda been making watches and they’d be making a bigger fortune.

  2. heh says:


  3. Dev says:

    Jak sie masz!

  4. Guy says:

    “Working the long gun”, eh? Nice euphemism Costa.

  5. Badjujuu says:

    Witamy w kraju! Teraz jeszcze po kielichu! Twoje zdrowie

  6. kit crazy says:

    SSD, This seems like the ultimate in baiting. You love the 416 and you know people will bash Costa about anything. So he makes a negative comment about your favorite AR and you get to watch people trash him.

    • SSD says:

      That’s pretty funny. I had a 416 while on active duty and it was heavy. Nice gun but I don’t love it.

      It’s amazing the bullshit people come up with. What I said in the article is exactly what I feel. It looks like Chris is having a good time.

      • This is what I’ve heard most people say about the 416 who had it as a duty gun.

        • Lasse says:

          I never found it heavy, but I started out with a HK G3.. I loved my 416 and I can’t think of a different 5.56 platform that I’ve tried that I’d consider to replace it with.

          • ChrisPL says:

            That`s why we, Poles, like Americans so much. We have something in common.

            Both nations love to grumble 🙂

            Late 1940s: British .280 is too weak, we need something masculine.
            Late 1950s: M14 and 7,62×51 are way too heavy, cumbersome and over-powered. We need something more verstile.
            Mid 1960s: .223 Rem is deadly and M16 is versatile, but unreliable.
            Late 1960s: M16A1 is reliable and deadly, but shoots to fast.
            Mid 1980s: M16A2 spares ammo, but the trigger is piece of crap.
            Mid 1990s: M16A2 is cumbersome, we need something versatile. Also, 5,56×45 lacks stopping power.
            Late 1990s: M4 is nice and versatile, but unreliable.
            Early 2000s: XM8 is reilable, but we won`t adopt it.
            Mid 2000s: 5,56×45 lacks stopping power and range. We need something like .280 British. Also, M4 and M4A1 are unreliable and way too heavy with all the SOPMOD goods.
            Mid 2000s: HK M4 is great, but we don`t like the name.
            Late 2000s: 6,8 SPC Rem is great and just like .280 British, but we won`t adopt it
            Mid 2010s: HK416 is great and reliable, but too heavy.

            I`ll take my popcorn 🙂

            Cheers 😉

  7. Bob says:

    I saw the broken 416 lugs on his FB page. I wonder what the round count was on that rifle and if traditional ARs have similar limitations…

    I don’t own a 416 or MR556, but it’s hard to imagine a gun so popular having some kind of fundamental flaw.

    • SSD says:

      It was about 25k iirc

    • Thomas says:

      25k will break the lugs on a standard bolt. If your bolt is not made of 9310 or 158 Carpenter you will see broken lugs A LOT sooner then that.

      Cheers all.

    • Thomas says:

      I think HK only guarantees 10K on the bolt/bolt carrier group. Pretty standard for that part, even on a well made DI gun. (Yes, they can last A LOT longer.) A spare, 158 Carpenter bolt, permanently resides in my grip along with an extractor, extractor spring, gas rings and firing pin.

  8. Paul says:

    Thank you Poland for finding another reason for people to tell Polish jokes.

    Do you know why the German’s backed into Poland with their tanks in reverse to start their 1939 invasion?

    So the Poles would think they were leaving…

    • SSD says:


    • Stefan S. says:

      We of Polish Ancestry laugh at you knuckle draggers who marry relatives. FYI, Poland has been fighting since Roman times. The Vandals hordes that sacked Rome were ancient Poles. Whatcha got to say to that?

      • mike says:

        We of German descent, well, I don’t really know what we do, but I have a lot of respect for the Polish; the Polish military guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The region from where my father and his family hail is the historical home of the Chatti. As a fellow Barbarian I simply say “well done”.

        • mike says:

          *especially the Polish mil guys, that is.

          In any case, don’t take it too hard. I think I’d rather the Polish jokes than German jokes I get most of the time.

      • babola says:

        Hmm, no the Vandals weren’t the “ancient Poles”, sorry. They left southern Poland where they made home after they moved from Scandinavia they originated from, to attack Rome.

        …and I’m not your usual knuckle dragging American, but northern European.

  9. Bootcat says:

    I actually met Mr Costa by pure chance in Warsaw this afternoon. Having read this post earlier I was able to ID him – thank you SSD!

  10. straps says:

    Ammo matters too…

  11. Wayne Coker says:

    She must have had way to much to drink. LOL

  12. indeed says:

    Who is Costa?

    • mike says:

      I heard he makes some cool sunglasses. “Born on the water” and all that 😉