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Victorinox Introduces An Upgrade To The Classic Demo Knife


Knife Combat Utility

The Knife Combat Utility is an update to the classic Demo Knife. It is designed to be low profile, with black anodized tools, including:

  • Partially Serrated Blade
  • Awl / Reamer
  • Phillips Screw Driver / Punch
  • Small Screw Driver w/ Can Opener
  • Large Screw Driver w/ Cap Opener / Wire Stripper / Wire Bender
  • Wood Saw / Dual Cut
  • The Knife Combat Utility is exclusively distributed by The Windrose Group, CAGE Code 7KFSI, NSN 1095-01-653-1166.

    You can email [email protected] for more information.


    16 Responses to “Victorinox Introduces An Upgrade To The Classic Demo Knife”

    1. Aaron says:

      This is functionally identical to the Victorinox One-hand Trekker and German army knife model.

      And as a former EOD Tech, I’d say that any knife without a C-4 punch or marlinspike has a pretty poor claim to the title of “demo knife.”

      • SG says:

        I’m not asking to troll, I legitimately don’t know because it’s not part of my background: Is there a functional difference between the awl and a dedicated C4 punch?

        • SSD says:

          That’s a good question. EOD Techs?

          • Diameter and length. C4 spikes tend to be around 2-3″ long or more and at least .25″ wide as the military caps measure 2.35″ x .24″

            The awl is not long enough or thick enough to do a proper job.

            • Harry says:

              I must be getting old. You guys are taking this demo knife name way too seriously. Back in the day, a Kabar was a Kabar even if had Camillius or Ontario stamped on the blade. The name Demo knife referred to that classic all stainless steel pocket knife that you used to be able to get from supply for free. It wasn’t a bad knife considering its price. This was long before Leathermans were even available and aside from LRRP rations, food came in cans. Carry on, there’s nothing to see here.

      • Tech says:

        To be reasonable, it’s title is “combat utility knife,” and it is a newer and improved version of the old “demo” knife in as much as the old “demo” knife didn’t have anything specific to explosives handling either… It was mostly just a widespread misnomer because it was the knife that’s been included in EOD and Engineer demolition kits for forever (and still is, if I’m not mistaken). It wasn’t task specific, it was just included because once in a while there was a practical need that could be conveniently met by a readily available pocket knife.

    2. PPGMD says:


      Because you wouldn’t want civilians to have a black knife.

    3. Harry says:

      No Tweezers or toothpick? WTF

      Seriously though, isn’t this like the third or fourth time this knife has appeared here recently?

      I don’t like the serrations on the main blade. A few at the base of the blade, maybe but, not the whole blade.

      Luckily for me Victorinox offers basically the same knife sans black blades. but, with a plain edge large blade, tweezers & toothpick along with a camouflaged handle to make it easier for me to lose my knife in their trekker series. There’s also a German army version.

    4. fritz bousigschouer says:

      they can keep it

    5. Lasse says:

      Gotta love it when huge business use gmail..

      • another ed says:

        Last line of product description in link kindly provided by roman:

        “Please note BLADES ARE SILVER”

    6. Old Dog says:

      I’ve used the One Handed Trekkers for years in the NO SERRATIONS configuration. I want a knife blade, not a bread knife. As far as the NO Civ sales thing, it’s marketing. You can get them.