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Marine South – Quantico Tactical / Vortex Optics

Another interesting item I saw in the Quantico Tactical booth was this scope cap insert from Vortex Optics. These Dope Disks were announced awhile ago but I hadn’t seen any in the wild. They are designed to fit into the Vortex Defender Flip Caps which are offered in 44mm, 50mm and 56mm so they will fit a wide variety of optics. The Defender Flip Caps have two stop positions; 45 and 90 degrees. What’s really cool is that the removable Dope Disks can be custom ordered for different ammunition.

This and other weapon accessories are available via Quantico Tactical.

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3 Responses to “Marine South – Quantico Tactical / Vortex Optics”

  1. Jamie Wiedeman says:

    Quantico Tactical is a great partner in supporting the military. I’m proud to work with their hard working and competent team daily to help soldiers and law enforcement find solutions to their weapon and equipment needs.

  2. Eric says:

    Those Disks are Dope…