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Because It Hasn’t Been Shared Enough

Photo via Precision Syndicate, LLC

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18 Responses to “Because It Hasn’t Been Shared Enough”

  1. cimg says:

    wheres the Xbox one version?

  2. Tacticooool says:

    Where’s the typical Kanye steal the mic comment that is always posted on this site where someone complains, “_______ company has already done and this is a rip off.”

    • Jian Hong says:

      Haven’t seen that but better than the typical liberal pussy comments on bookmyface “How DARE you make a gun look like a TOY!! Think of the CHILDREN!!!”

      Fuck them this looks cool and I’d take one if they would mass produce it!

  3. Heavy D says:

    Next Up- Cerakoting a Carl Gustav to look like the SNES Super Scope…

  4. JKifer says:


  5. SoloDallas says:


  6. Maskirovka says:

    It’s cool, but gotta say, I would hate to be faced with a split second of target discrimination with the bad guy holding something like that. Just saying. And YES, very unlikely a bad guy would have one of those. I get that.

  7. orly? says:

    Cops have issues with people doing this already.

    Apparently everyone should do it.

  8. AlexC says:

    Generally speaking the kinds of people that can afford to do these kinds of things are NOT the kinds of people that police get into armed standoffs with.

    Second, if someone does end up getting shot by a police officer for brandishing this, then he gets what he deserves.

    • Ure says:

      First, police brandishing weapons on free men with impunity= no longer america.

      -Lives Matter
      -Thin Coiled Black Snake-Like Line.