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U.S. Optics will be proudly hosting its first competition with Competition Dynamics on August 5-7th in Douglas, Wyoming.

Brea, California— April 15, 2016 — U.S. Optics, Inc., an international riflescopes and optics manufacturer, is excited to announce the inaugural U.S. Optics Team Challenge match open to competitors across the nation. Developed by the same skillful directors behind the prevalent Competition Dynamics matches, the U.S. Optics Team Challenge match includes concepts from U.S. Optics’ general manager and U.S. Optics Academy’s director of education. It will be held across an expansive natural terrain at a private ranch in Douglas, Wyoming on August 4th -7th, 2016.

The match format will consist of 2-man teams navigating through stages of rugged terrain. Competitors will be challenged to recognize, locate, and engage in a variety of rifle targets from compromised shooting positions and time constraints.

Over 2 days, the challenge combines “hike-and-shoot” field shooting with precision rifles and semi-automatic carbines; timed “3-Gun style” shooting with rifle, carbine, and pistols; and a featured U.S. Optics gun stage.

Demonstrations and side matches will take place on the ranging day, August 4th, before the competition. This will allow the competitors the opportunity to try out different optics and other gear while having a friendly competition before the main match takes place.

In addition to the range day and side matches, U.S. Optics will be awarding prizes throughout the duration of the competition. Although the company is not releasing details of this yet, shooters can rest assure that several thousands of dollars in prizes will be awarded before the match comes to a conclusion.

“We are thrilled to be hosting our first match with Competition Dynamics,” says U.S Optics’ General Manager, Jason Kyle. “It has always been a great experience sponsoring and participating in their matches in the past. We’re looking forward to getting competitors out there and showing them an outstanding time, while considering making this an annual event.”

Competition Dynamics has been putting on competitive events with practical and field style shooting since 2008. And is known for pushing the capabilities of both the shooter and their firearms as they navigate through a range of challenging courses, such as their annual Sniper Challenge and Steel Safari Challenge.

Sign up information and further involvement opportunities are available at: team-challenge-2016/register.php.



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