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I Think Hodge Defense Has The Best Sentiment

Happy 5th Death to bin Laden Day! 


7 Responses to “I Think Hodge Defense Has The Best Sentiment”

  1. Asinine Name says:

    ‘Room for a helipad…but you won’t be using it’

  2. Dev says:

    Read an article on the BBC reporting on idiots whining on CIA’s official Twitter commemorating the event.

    Fucking idiots the lot.

  3. JKifer says:

    Sooo…. does the red paint act as a LZ marking method for sheep fuckers… ?

    • Dellis says:

      The “red” marks the Non-virgin wool…as in “used”. They sell cheap at market. The wool-whackers are looking for non-marked sheeps, hence “virgin wool”.

      Osama never did sheep cause he liked being corn-holed

  4. Gerard says:

    Good riddance to that bastard, and God Bless and thank the SEALS who carried out the mission. God Bless the United States of America.

  5. Chicken Legs says:

    ….comes with red tailed concubines! Thanks Eric for putting this up.