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RSR Introduces ‘The Noner’

RAR is well known for shooting targets and they have introduced the Noner, a collaboration with Special Operations Veteran Mike Pannone which features RSR’s new reduced USPSA silhouette. You may also notice the logo of Pannone’s CTT Solutions on the target.

The target is 13.5” high and 7.5” wide with a 4” head area cut out of the top. This leaves the shooter with 90 square inches of target area which is big enough to shoot with rifles standing at 100 yards, yet still very useful for shorter range pistol training (think 7-50 yards). For reference the rectangular A-zone of a USPSA target is 6”x11” or 66 square inches”. The Noner target is 1/3 larger than an A-zone but is still a size that is easily adaptable for either speed or accuracy shooting given the distance. Pannone has found this size to be the optimal size for training where you are balancing speed and accuracy with handguns and at distances over 100 yards they become an ever more challenging rifle target.

The Noner package includes AR500 Steel Target, Steel Brackets, and Steel Base. The RSR cap and tongue mount makes it simple, robust and compatible with any existing 2×4 capable base. The articulating mount also makes them safe to shoot at 10 yards and extends the lifecycle of the target itself by redirecting instead of absorbing all the delivered energy from the projectile.

the Noner is also offered in a combo with a head target.

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2 Responses to “RSR Introduces ‘The Noner’”

  1. Ed Hickey says:

    great steel & does have a noticeable different ring to it.

  2. Desert Lizard says:

    I had to come back and re-read the title. I thought it said the “Nooner” 😀