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Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt Update

During SHOT Show we showed you the CLUTCH Belt from Unity Tactical. These stretchy load carriage belts with built in pockets are made from softshell material and are now in production. The CLUTCH can be worn beneath outer garments for low profile carriage. Additionally, the pockets will accept a wide variety of items. Like the image says, Black will ship in June and if you’re like me, you’ll be waiting for Gray to ship in July.


18 Responses to “Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt Update”

  1. Jack Griffin says:

    Bag/car instant-on plus-up for concealed carry – GO!

    Want… but waiting on more extensive reviews.

    • historia says:

      Yeah looks good, we got a price on gray? Unitys site is down

      • t1tan says:

        They said $140 in earlier posts. No pricing on pouches yet that I’ve seen.

  2. 18Derp says:

    Kind of bullshit. Preordered in Feb. Said shipping in Early March. No comment until May. Now if I want gray I need to wait until July?

    Likely the very last time I preorder anything from Unity :/

    • Believe me, we are just as excited about CLUTCH as you are and understand your frustration. However, as a company we have decided to prioritize final product quality over delivery dates and really want this one to be perfect (see also T.A.P.S.). This is also why we stopped doing in-house preorders and try to keep pre-launch hype to a minimum these days. Rogue Dynamics was excited and wanted to make sure they had the product first, so they launched a pre-order. And they will get them first. So if you have a pre-order in, hopefully you can take some comfort in knowing you’ve got one locked down and will have it before anyone else.

  3. Riceball says:

    Looks like it would double as a back support belt for heavy lifting as well, until I read the description that’s what I actually thought it was, some sort of tactical back support belt.

  4. jkifer says:

    well for those of us with Airborne back…that’s a fucking good thing!

    • Bill says:

      Is that like cop sciatica? 25 pounds of Sam Browne belt gouging into your lumbar spine and hips?

      • jkifer says:

        Yes sir, I feel ya. since ets’ing ive been serving as an leo too. whiskey usually numbs the pain…

  5. Joe Shmoe says:

    So… I’m the only one who pre-ordered? Awesome!