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Warrior West – LBT Brings Back the Original 3-Day Pack

Way back in the 90s I was issued a Black 3-Day Pack made by LBT Inc. We called them ‘Ninja Bags’ and they were made by several manufacturers. Some of them lasted longer than others and I’ve got to say my experience with my LBT pack was great. While other packs fell apart, the LBT model soldiered on.

Over the years that pack design evolved from a simple day pack style to include integrated jump harnesses, dedicated specialty pockets and eventually, PALS webbing. Now, LBT is taking it back to its roots with the LBT-1476A Slick.

Other than color choices, you wouldn’t be able to aestheticly tell the difference between this Standard Three Day Assault Pack and my old Ninja Bag.

Upon close examination the only difference I noted was that the bottom of the shoulder straps are now double bartacked into the body of the pack where it was a single bartack in my day.

Offered in Black, Coyote Brown, Coyote Tan, MAS Grey (shown), MultiCam and Woodland.


26 Responses to “Warrior West – LBT Brings Back the Original 3-Day Pack”

  1. JS says:

    My fav go-to-pack!!!

  2. AbnMedOps says:

    I once heard that these were originally not “tactical” at all, but made for welders in Navy shipyard to carry their mask and gloves and stuff. In any case, the basic pattern is pretty hard to beat as an EDC bag!

  3. Dev says:

    Brilliant, was hoping a non-PALS version of these came out now that the Eagle A-III is all but unobtainable

  4. Reven says:

    Traveled through six countries in Asia with my A-III, great bag but made me appreciate lightweight fabrics and updated suspension systems

  5. Pat says:

    so is the only difference between this and the normal 3-day assault pack is the lack of MOLLE ?

    I can see how that would be nice, but there isn’t much molle to begin with but I really love mine.

  6. LL says:

    They need to make it in OD green.

  7. Kevin G says:

    These were a godsend in 2003 in Afghanistan. Now if I could only get my hands on a Devil Pack.

  8. Frank says:

    Still have an original one (in black) issued to me in the mid-90s. Has stood the test of time and multiple deployments.

  9. Lasse says:

    SSD didn’t you post something about where the original design came from?

    • Kirk says:

      Jansport “Day Pack”->Gregory “Day-and-a-half-pack”->Eagle/LBT designs.

      Exact details vary per teller, but that’s about the way it went.

  10. Invictus says:

    I love that you noticed the single bartack versus double. That’s the level of gearwhoredom I appreciate here, and feel at home with.

  11. Adam says:

    MAS grey looks awfully close to ranger green.

  12. Blake says:

    Im looking on the site but cant find the version in your pics. Is it not available yet?

  13. jkifer says:

    ..remember those days back before all of the tacticoolness/internet warrior ninjaness…. only around 4 companies making gear.. have a pack exactly like that made by BH that is still running strong, the OD has faded to ranger green

    • Steve says:

      Yup, I now wish I “lost” mine that was issued for ski/mountaineering training at 10SFG in the mid-90s, before we turned them in.

  14. Diddler says:

    Great bags. I have/had one in green and one in tan. No “tactical” color names, just the colors themselves. I wish we could revert back to that. Not everything needs a fancy name.

  15. Chris says:

    I still have a couple that was issued back in the late 90’s. Neither has the Velcro patch on it though. Still love ’em!

  16. PJ says:

    Hopefully, they’ll go after GoRuck for copying their pack and selling and inferior product at a higher cost.

    • Luke says:

      The Goruck is a pretty far cry from the standard 3-day pack, which is/has been made by a dozen companies anyway.

      • Kirk says:

        Yeah… Not happening. The incestuous relationship between the government, gear builders, and the civil market? Ain’t nobody keeping track of the IP, and at this point, I’m thinking that even a patent is going to be unenforceable in this field. Too much “prior art”.

        Like I say above, the line of “assault packs” runs from what we have now back to the earliest antecedents in the military, which were, I believe, at 2/75 Ranger Battalion about the same time that 9th ID was still the “High Technology Light Testbed”. The story I got was that some of the Ranger Lieutenants went out with a bunch of the guys from 2/60 “Go Devils” Infantry, and got Early Winters Goretex, Danner boots with Thinsulate, and the Gregory Day-and-a-Half pack in military colors. I remember seeing OD Gregorys, and I don’t know why they had little to do with the military market after that–It was during the Bianchi years, when they’d bought Gregory for their expertise with nylon (UM-84, anyone?). Anyway, the guys handed off production of the “Ranger Ruck” to the folks at Eagle, and a few other contractors like LBT, back east.

        Sad to say, those old-school Gregory rucks are unmatched by most of the military versions–I’ve got mine from when I was in high school, and that damn thing is bombproof. Not even my LBT rucks are quite that well-made, I’m sad to say–But, that was a ruck that cost upwards of $200.00 during the early 1980s.

    • George S. says:

      Little known fact..
      LBT manufactured the Go-Ruck packs for a while 😉

  17. MidGasFan says:

    I have an early 2000’s version from Blackhawk! called Phoenix that is my go-to for short trips or SHOT Show. I love the slick outer look but I’ve become tired of its Olive Drab colorway.

    I’ve been half-heartedly searching for a replacement for about a year and this fits the bill perfectly in MAS Grey. I have some other nylon by LBT and it holds up so well when compared to many other brands our there.

    Thanks LBT!