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Suunto Traverse Alpha

While it’s not exactly a ‘tactical’ watch, the Traverse Alpha from Suunto is right at home in the outdoors.

I prefer navigation watches that use both GPS/GLONASS and this one does. Other features include moon phase calendar, gunshot detection, sunrise alert, weather trend, and red backlight for nighttime use.

That gunshot detection feature is cool for the hunter. When a shot is detected by the Treverse Alpha is drops a pin on your route. When used in conjunction with movescount you can visualize your hunt on a topographic map. By recording the position of other events on your hunt and linking pictures and videos, you can produce a short movie of your hunt that you can share with others.

Tested to MIL STD 819G*, the Traverse Alpha features a knurled stainless steel bezel, water repellent nylon strap and scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. Vibration alerts and a customizable, night vision goggle compatible red backlight help you stay unnoticed.

Available in Foliage and Stealth color variants.



7 Responses to “Suunto Traverse Alpha”

  1. Mark G. says:

    What exactly makes a watch “tactical”? Give us an example of a tactical watch so we can make a comparison…

    • SSD says:

      Features like dual time, ballistic calculations, jumpmaster calculations, use of MGRS, etc.

      • Mark G. says:

        It’s a hunting inspired timepiece. The app issue has swung past silly to absurd. There’s no real market for tactical watches as you’ve described them unless your into airsoft. Wouldn’t a real “tactical” watch also include a dive planner with a continuous deco algorithm and gas switchable dive modes?

        Both of these watches are really problematic because the run times are measured in hours. Do you really need timepiece that relies on USB port?

  2. Paul M says:

    Sunto Traverse Alpha street price approx $550…
    Garmin Tactics Bravo street price approx $699…

    I opted for the Garmin Tactics Bravo – it has dual time, ballistic calculations, jumpmaster calculations, use of MGRS, etc.
    (I thought the Suunto had the Jumpmaster app…)

    By far the major problem I had with the Suunto was the display. It was half the resolution in both directions compared to the Tactics Bravo.
    Also a highly daylight-visible full color display and tons of custom apps from the Garmin store.

    For me, the b/w screen was the deal breaker.

    • Dan says:

      Could have saved yourself another $100 by buying the fenix3 in black and downloading the extra app’s (jumpmaster, ballistic) for free…

      • Paul M says:

        Yes, but I wanted the knurled bezel with DLC and the steel back.
        I saw how many Fenix 3’s had bezel scratches already.
        I also just preferred the style of the Tactics…
        For me, it was worth it.

        • max says:

          Sunto Traverse Alfa made in finland,graming bravo,fenix and others made in taiwan,china ect… vote for suunto traverse