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SOFIC – Atlas Devices

Atlas Devices always has some great new technologies and this year, they didn’t disappoint.

This is the ConAxe, designed to be inserted into the eyelets of a Connex. With a pul of the telescoping pole’s rope, it inserts into the eyelet and holds fast. It’s the first time it’s been shown publicly so customers may end up asking to have it adapted to their pole system.

Below is an Atlas Magnetron System. This seven pound system incorporates switchable magnet for VBSS and other tactical access including vertical overhangs. It will suspend up to 700 lbs per magnet which are switched on and off via the handle.



6 Responses to “SOFIC – Atlas Devices”

  1. Bad Dancer says:

    Someone at Atlas has been watching Mythbusters.
    That insert anchor is pretty nifty.

  2. CapnTroy says:

    Did they happen to demonstrate whether or not the ConAxe still works with stacking cones in place…?