SOFIC – Direct Action Announces US Production With Tactical Tailor

Poland-based Direct Action has reached an agreement with the US firm Tactical Tailor for Berry complaint production. This gear will be sold through Direct Action’s US subsidiary.

This is a tease of DA’s new Direct Action uniform. Details to follow.

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7 Responses to “SOFIC – Direct Action Announces US Production With Tactical Tailor”

  1. Bohica7016 says:

    thats what i was thinking

  2. BlackBeard says:

    Got them tight, hipster pants.

    • Alex says:


    • straps says:

      First thing I noticed about the European military. Never got that.

      • straps says:

        …I mean European “militaries.”

        Though EU/NATO, distinction without a difference…

        • tm says:

          Aside from the love for skinny pants as it seems (a plague within American society), a lot of people might disagree with the idea of a homogenous European military culture. For example, the large portion of NATO that’s now on the other side of the Fulda Gap who still largely rolls with T-72s, BTRs and BMPs but has supported US-led missions over the past decade or so exemplifying warrior culture rather than “European” military culture, etc. (Not to detract from any other NATO member or misrepresent your statement…) I think a distinction has to be made between top-level politics of the EU and member countries and their militaries.

    • D.B. says:

      First thing I noticed, too.

      Maybe made of stretch-fabric?

      Or they come in straight, boot-cut, slim and skinny variants?