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SOFIC – Wilcox Ind and Aviation Specialties Unlimited Partner To Offer Next Generation Aviation Mount Battery Pack

Wilcox Industries has made a major announcement. They’ve teamed with Aviation Specialties Unlimited of Boise, Idaho to develop and offer a completely new mount and battery pack for aviation helmets.  For decades, the aviation community has used the same ANVIS mount and battery pack which are prone to damage and cannot be reliably repaired. The plan is to rectify that situation.

The mount will be modular and can not only be used with standard aviation helmets, but also with other Wilcox ground helmet shrouds. The mount will also be molded from advanced polymer materials. Between the mount and battery pack, they’ve successes in lowering the weight by 20 grams. Field maintainable, the items can also be evac’d to ASU for repair.

The power cord connector follows the contour of the helmet. Also, rather than a neck cord, aircrew will now have access to the Wilcox retractable lanyard like on ground applications.

Wilcox loves their dovetail mounts and they’ve integrated into the rear of the battery pack. An adapter plate is available that can velcroed unto the helmet for mounting. They’ve also eliminated the battery cartridges. ust put the batteries in, positive side up and users can swap between primary and auxiliary power.

ASU will be the exclusive distribution and maintenance channel as well the Parts Manufacture Authority for this new product, still under development with Wilcox. Their PMA certification is maintained through the FAA for safe to fly items. They expect full rate production by October, once EMI and environmental (Mil-Spec and DEFSTAN) testing are complete.


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