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Gobi Gear – Hobo Roll

The Hobo Roll is a compressible stuff sack that incorporates dividers to allow you to organize your gear into five different compartments. 3.5oz in weight.  Made from 30D ripstop nylon, the Hobo Roll weighs 3.5 oz and is 10″ X 15″ in size (20L capacity). Offered in several colors including Pinyon Pine seen here.


5 Responses to “Gobi Gear – Hobo Roll”

  1. Sean says:

    Perfect, socks, t-shirts, boxers for every other day, and a dirty laundry spot. I actually really like this idea. Great name too.

  2. Lagrandeimage says:

    They also have the SegSac coming (kickstarter campaign):

  3. GoBliNuke says:

    Great concept, it’s strange that nobody developed this before.

  4. Toby Melville says:

    Oh it’s been done but we in the mil have been doing this for years. Points to them for bringing it to market! Very nice.