Blade Show – Medford Knife & Tool

This is the Medford Knife & Tool Machete. Developed for an element in NSW (I found out about it from them and specifically asked Greg Medford about it at Blade Show), it’s a big chunk of sharp metal that is going to clear trails, make quick work of camp chores and could lop off a head or two. You may note a slight forward rake to the blade. That’s to give you some extra power through your stroke.

“You could shave your face with it, but why would you want to?

Total length: 18.5″
Blade length: 12.5″
Blade Width: 2″
Blade Thickness:.125″
Steel Type: CPM S7
Blade Coating: Black PVD, NP or Vulcan
Handle Type: G10 
Sheath Type: Kydex


3 Responses to “Blade Show – Medford Knife & Tool”

  1. Now that’s a knife.

  2. Tzintzuntzan says:

    Glad to see it like this.

  3. Steve says:

    Great, now we’re gonna have half the SEAL platoons NMC for hand tendon reattachments.