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National PTSD Awareness Day coming up June 27th


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The Elk Institute is in need of donations to sustain their free services for our active duty and veterans. Dr Carrie Elk has been doing some phenomenal work with Veterans suffering from PTSD at the Elk Institute. She has even been known to make trips to military bases in order to reach those who can’t travel. If you give to Combined Federal Campaign, consider this charity. If not, visit their website, learn more, and help them help our men and women.



2 Responses to “National PTSD Awareness Day coming up June 27th”

  1. Bert says:

    Another resource is the Vet Center, free for combat vets (those who have deployed) and paid for by tax dollars.

  2. Doc says:

    Attended SOMA in Charlotte last month, a lot good research evidence on treatment of ptsd with
    Stellate Ganglion Block a Potential Lifesaver in Severe PTSD. If you are a Veteran who is hurting please look this up and get the help you deserve.
    Dr elk is smoking hot , but a lot SOF operators testified to its results with ganglion block . Good luck God bless