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Dom Raso – The Threat Of Lone Wolf Attacks

NRA News has released another video by former SEAL Dom Raso.

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7 Responses to “Dom Raso – The Threat Of Lone Wolf Attacks”

  1. Marcus says:


    By now, one might believe most people would wisely choose exercising their right to defend their family over providing terrorists the ability to helplessly shoot them in cold blood.

    Politicians are responsible for killing more people than guns. At least the latter is meant to protect you. That’s a fact known well before our Constitution was written and simply one reason we have a Second Amendment in the first place.

    When I advise people that at the convention in New York to approve the Constitution they insisted on the Second Amendment or they would not vote in favor, and even expanded the text, they are dumbfounded.

    How far we’ve fallen from commons sense.

    Thanks for preaching the faith brother.

  2. Ed says:

    Amen Brother!

  3. SamHill says:

    Gun free zones, safe spaces and stress cards in boot camp. Where is this heading?

  4. LowSpeed says:

    Armed citizenry is a piece of the solution, not THE solution to mitigate the threat of ideologically driven “lone wolf” attacks or other mass shootings. I wish the gun community would seriously push more full-spectrum solutions other than “BE ARMED ALL THE TIME” yet we* get caught up in BS nomenclature and technical conversations that are irrelevant to people who naively/ignorantly want to restrict our ability to protect ourselves and the nation.

    Being armed, trained, and aware of our surroundings is great and effective. However I believe a 100% hyper militant or combative mindset ultimately screws us in that everything seems like a potential nail and some of us lose site of other viable solutions that mitigate the type of violence that is scaring people into wanting to give up their 2nd, 4th, and even 1st amendment rights.

  5. Ranger Rick says:

    I for one am tired of dirt bag muslims giving wolves a bad name. Call them what they are, POS’s!