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First Tactical -Tactix Pack

First Tactical’s revolutionary Tactix One Day Plus Backpack features the innovative Lynx™ Laser Cut Platform compatible with MOLLE/PALS, and Hook and Hang Thru™ compartment for oversized or specialized gear, exponentially increases organization options.

After hitting stores late last year the Tactix 1-Day Backpack quickly became First Tactical’s bestseller and one of the highest-rated tactical backpacks on the market.

The Lynx™ Laser Cut Platform provides twice the mounting options and tests 20% stronger than it’s competitors. The Hook and Hang Thru™ compartment allows specialized items to slide through and securely hang in place without having to utilize the backpack’s other pockets.

The compressions straps are removable and customizable allowing users to personalize their pack.

The Tactix Backpack also comes with an internal backboard that is posture-conforming and can be used as a splint, shovel, or paddle in emergency situations.

First Tactical is excited to announce that a second wave of Tactix Bags will be on their way towards the end of the year. First Tactical will be releasing a Tactix Half Day and Three Day Backpack as well as a new Rifle Case. Stay tuned for more.



9 Responses to “First Tactical -Tactix Pack”

  1. Jim says:

    The one of the reasons I love this site is also the reason my back account doesn’t…yet another great product that I now must have!

    • SSD says:

      It’s a really nice pack. Great value.

      • Allon says:

        How would you compare it against the 5.11 Rush series?

        I like the idea of laser cut loops but at the same price point of a known/proven entity I have a hard time justifying trying it out

        • SSD says:

          The guy who owns First Tactical, founded 5.11 as a brand and his designers came from 5.11. By changing it up, going direct and cutting out retailers, they’ve been able to add some features on products while keeping the pricing down. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this pack to someone who is comfortable purchasing a foreign sourced pack. The one I have is well made and has loads of features normally found in more expensive packs.

  2. BAP45 says:

    Man they have been coming out with a ton of stuff and fast too.

  3. Olive Drab? Good news for USBP.

  4. Mandingo says:

    Not impressed with their “Cut out the greedy retailer” model.

    Yea, those greedy retailers that made Dan Costa a fortune with their opening orders, maintaining all that stock in hopes of having the 1 random thing a particular customer is looking for.

    I still say this is a thinly-veiled 5.11 side project that they came up with after reading a book on Zappos.

    Predicting a “Now Available At Galls” announcement at SHOT 2017.