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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Operator Photo Contest


For this week’s Friday Focus, FirstSpear is offering a chance for the SSD readers to get their hands on some genuine FirstSpear Design Prototypes, ranging from End user requests to truly one of a kind items, through the Operator Photo Contest.

Operator Photo Contest

1. All entries must include a FirstSpear item.
2. Item must be worn or interacted with by a live human
3. Must include a face FS can ‘Operator Blur’ i.e. they will blur/redact the faces.

Contest Judges include former Marines and other Active duty or Retired Service Members so theme your images accordingly, if you’re interested in winning. Include guns, your girlfriend, anything you think will increase your chances, you won’t offend anyone related to the contest. Extra points for down range images.

The contest deadline is July 8th. Email your entry to Winners will be announced shortly after.

Good luck!


3 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Operator Photo Contest”

  1. SamHill says:

    I’m thinking buck naked with the FS torso holster and a Sig 226 Navy.

  2. Steve says:

    Hey FS….why not open this to civilian??