Introducing Tier1-Dad

Tier1-Dad is the brainchild of Jack Osborne who showed me a sneak peek of the line during SHOT Show 2015. While it seems to have taken awhile to get it going, Jack has been hard at working being the best dad he can. And, that’s what he wanted with this military inspired brand of clothing and accessories for infants, toddlers and their parents.  It’s really well thought out stuff, for great dads.

The bags look like something a dad would own; range, messenger and duffle-styles, but they work quite well as diaper bags. All of thes American Made designs include a laser cut PALS compatible field But T1D also has an optional insert for bottles.

There’s some other cool stuff there as well, like this Organic Battle Rig Moss Green Onesie. If you’re a parent of a tyke, or know someone who is, go check out the website.


9 Responses to “Introducing Tier1-Dad”

  1. Mr.E.G. says:

    That is so funny / cool. Haha.

  2. Anibal Perez says:

    Pretty sure that onesie will get Jr sent home from daycare, it would scare the staff and think Jr is a terrorist or worse a freedom loving patriot

  3. Madurin says:

    Okay, that’s awesome. The multicam swaddle blanket is a must-buy and I super dig the tacticool chest rig.

  4. Alex says:

    Messenger bags total ripoff of the so-tech messenger go bags. Same interior pockets, same exterior flaps and they even ripped off the zipper pulls. Hey guys just slapping on a cobra buckle doesn’t equal a sale.



    • A.G.S. says:

      That’s like saying Mystery Ranch ripped off Jansport…

      It may look similar, but even from those pictures it is easy to see the difference in quality.

      All of the materials on the Tier1 stuff appear to be a much higher quality, from the Zippers to the fabric itself. Who cares if it’s a similar shape and layout.

      The construction of the bag appears worlds above as well. You can see plenty of uneven seams on that S.O.Tech bag, and ya can even see where they marked the location for the bar-tacks on the PALS webbing. They either used chalk or soap, but either way, they didn’t bother to clean it off before taking those photos.

      • Thomas Stickle says:

        I agree. There is only so many ways to make a bag different. There is a basic shape and size. Same goes for zipper pulls.

        I would buy it!

        • Joe says:

          Thomas and AGS, your obvious employment or affiliation with Tier 1 Dad and Jack is pretty obvious. I agree that bags can be made in similar ways but this bag is not only similar it’s almost identical. Just by looking at the above links you can see it’s painfully clear what you call “similarities.”

          I’ll even do a breakdown for you guys:
          1) SOTECHs messenger bags are patented
          2) Tier 1 copied SOTECHs classic side rear wings (identical)
          3) Tier 1 copied SOTECHs classic zipper pulls (identical)
          4) Tier 1 straight copied SOTECHs interior 3 IV bag pockets (identical)
          4) Tier 1 CLEARLY purchased a bag from SOTECH and copied it
          5) SOTECH manufacturers their own gear in their own factory in the USA
          6) Tier 1 probably manufacturers with a sub contractor in China
          7) Jack Osbourne is not Tier 1

          Also to say this pile of crap is better than SOTECH quality is a joke. Jack Osbourne was still on that god awful reality show while SOTECH was building SOF gear.

          Remember that SOTECH ACTUALLY makes their OWN GEAR in their OWN FACTORY.

          • Jack Graham says:

            SO TECH was not the first to have a 2 Pouch IV holder or even a 3 bag holder sleeve for IVs.

  5. DEEBEES says:

    I like my S.O.TECH messenger bag. I’ve had it for about 7 years now and have had no issues. No rips, tares or zipper busts… its solid.