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LBT Inc – Ridgeline Ruck

At Warrior East, LBT Inc showed a new maritime friendly update to the Ridgeline Ruck that was featured at SHOT Show this past year.

The pack has a removable lid which can be used in its own right and incorporates a zippered opening at the bottom.  The Ridgelind is constructed from a combination of HANK along with mesh or 4-way stretch softshell material for pockets.  These materials don’t absorb a lot of water, as the pack is intended for maritime use. 

The pack is adaptable to the ALICE frame or LBT’s proprietary RSS (ruck suspension system) which is based on their CAS (comfort armor suspension) to alleviate stress on the shoulders by transferring most of the weight to the hip  belt. 

The photo below gives you a little detail on how the padded suspension system works.  It’s adjustable for height. 



4 Responses to “LBT Inc – Ridgeline Ruck”

  1. Dev says:

    Looks pretty fucking awesome.

    I’m assuming it’ll work with the 1606 frame, since it’s ALICE compatible.

    Also, does it have an internal divider for the 2 openings?

  2. Insane Soldier says:

    Beautiful ruck! It looks like you could ski with this pack no problem. Any In Ranger Green color? Nice job LBT.

  3. Hodge175 says:

    Is there any specs on this Ruck? I can’t find anymore information on this pack.

  4. Jester says:

    I love LBT gear, at least the old school stuff I have from back in the glory days, but the real question is–can we get more details on the blonde in the background?