For The Ladies – First Tactical’s Women’s Collection Page

First Tactical is excited to announce the launch of the Women’s Collection Page. This page has been created to house all their women’s products for Public Safety Professionals.

Designed for durability over a lifetime of action and crafted to wear comfortably in the field, First Tactical’s Advanced Women’s Fit addresses the specific needs of women’s tactical clothing by providing a contoured cut for a specialized solution.

First Tactical prides itself on not selling undersized men’s clothing for women. Their women’s products are tapered and curved for a professional and ergonomic fit that allows them to perform their duties with excellence.

Check out the full Women’s Collection Page at


2 Responses to “For The Ladies – First Tactical’s Women’s Collection Page”

  1. Alex says:

    I’m actually surprised more high end companies don’t have female uniforms

  2. Hernando says:

    No offense, but one doesnt see many American females with those proportions