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MPOWERD – Luci Outdoor 2.0

MPOWERD has updated their popular solar powered Luci Light to the Outdoor 2.0. We use these lanterns for a wide variety of activities including camping, boating and in our Hurricane supplies. We even use them in the pool as the inflatable Luci Light floats. The light will give you about 18 hours per charge and recharging is as simple as laying it in the sun for seven hours.

Luci Outdoor 2

• Dimensions: 10.8 cm height, 12.7 cm diameter
• Compact: 2.5 cm collapsed
• 4 modes: low, bright, super bright, 1 second ?ashing
• 10 ultra bright LEDs
• 65 lumens
• High e?ciency solar panel
• Battery level indicator
• Lightweight: 4.4 oz (125g)
• Waterproof: IP67 rating • Stormy weather/blackouts
• Operating temp: 15ºF – 122ºF (-10ºC – 50ºC)
• Top strap & adjustable base strap

Coming August 15th, from MPOWERD.


6 Responses to “MPOWERD – Luci Outdoor 2.0”

  1. renaissance marine says:

    im sorry but i dont see what the hardon is for this product. i looked at one a friend bought from lowes, where they cant seem to give them away. they are on sale now for 14.95. it is nowhere robust enough for my type of camping.

  2. Charles says:

    Depends on your definition of “Robust” I suppose. These are dependable, bright, waterproof, durable, pack small, and great for kids. I don’t backpack with them, but we’ve had a few in our home hurricane kit and a few in our car camping kit and they’ve been used and abused for years. For $15, its a quality product in my opinion and I’ll continue to purchase them as needed.

  3. I like them for various uses. great for emergency (hurricanes) preparedness in my area. Also I use them for camping and they last just fine.

  4. MiamiC70 says:

    Talk about lazy blogging. How about taking a moment and actually tell us WTF v2.0 improves over v1.0.

    • joe says:

      At a glance it looks like it’s 15 lumens brighter, more LEDs, same charge time.

      20 years ago 65 lumens was the standard for Surefire 6Ps, and those batteries only lasted an hour.

      Thanks for the head’s up, looks like something I could use.