Yeti – Hopper Flip 12

Austin, Texas — YETI®, a leading premium cooler and drinkware brand, is expanding their family of durable and portable soft coolers. The Hopper™ family now includes the Hopper Flip™ — a 100% leakproof, tough-as-nails, carry-the-day soft cooler that’s built for adventure.

The Hopper Flip™ retains ice for days and can withstand serious abuse in the field, on the water, or at the campsite. Its compact, cubed design makes for easy hauling while the wide-mouth opening provides greater visibility and access to your food and drinks.

“YETI built its reputation on indestructible coolers and drinkware that set the standard for ice retention,” says Matt Reintjes, YETI CEO. “While we’ve made strides for the soft cooler industry with the original Hopper, we saw a need for an even more portable solution that continues to raise expectations for performance and durability. The Hopper Flip is perfect for day-trips anywhere.”

The Hopper Flip’s over-engineered construction includes the leakproof HydroLok™ Zipper, the puncture resistant DryHide™ Shell, and up to 1 inch of superior ColdCell™ Insulation. The heavy-duty EVA foam bottom and RF-welded seams provide waterproof construction and unmatched durability, while the double-stitched handles and included removable shoulder strap offer comfortable, reliable carrying options.

The HitchPoint™ Grid makes the Hopper Flip™ compatible with the MOLLE Bottle Opener, MOLLE Zinger, as well as our water-resistant SideKick™ Gear Case, perfect for stashing your keys, wallet, and extra gear.

The Hopper Flip will be available in Fog Gray through authorized dealers and on starting August 25, 2016. Retail price is $279.99.


31 Responses to “Yeti – Hopper Flip 12”

  1. whipe says:

    Made in China?

    • Steak TarTar says:

      Yes. Go with Pelican if you need American made

    • Alex says:

      Yup just like Arc’teryx yet nobody ever comments that on those posts. So amazing how selective people are with their brands when it suits them.

      • Steak TarTar says:

        Alex you really have a hard on for Arc’teryx, don’t you? Not all Arc products are made in China. Before you get butthurt with incorrect facts like last time, do some research from now on

        • Alex says:

          Actually Steak TarTar maybe it’s you that should do their research. The MAJORITY and I would say 80% of their gear is imported.

          You’re the one getting butt hurt by coming after me with your fabrications. Sounds like you should work for the Clinton campaign. Dufus

          • Steak TarTar says:

            It’s spelled doofus. Save your pennies and maybe you can afford some Arc’teryx or Yeti one day

  2. PPGMD says:

    Nearly $300 for a tiny made in China cooler, LOL. Yeti still acts like they have no competition.

    • Steak TarTar says:

      At this point, Yeti is a lifestyle brand. And you have to admit their marketing is top notch to get to where they are so quickly

    • straps says:

      Totally get what you’re saying but I bit the bullet and went with a Yeti 20.

      I can’t say for sure that it will last as long as 10 $30 coolers but it’s definitely outlasted 5 of them.

      Plus the stuff inside stays way cooler (fridge cold, not cooler cool) way longer.

      • SSD says:

        I have zero issues with my cooler. Granted, I found it for sale at 10% off, but no buyer’s regret.

      • PPGMD says:

        Oh don’t get me wrong they are high quality. But now there are a half a dozen other brands that offer the same quality at lower prices, some even make all their stuff in the United States (Yeti only makes their hard coolers in the US).

        But I think Steak TarTar is right they’ve become a lifestyle brand like Apple where price differences even has much as 100% more than their competitors don’t seem to matter.

        • Alex says:

          It’s the same argument as Arc’teryx for importing all their $300+ uniforms. Lifestyle? Is it worth your while? Some people would say yes.

          • PPGMD says:

            Some of the Dead Bird stuff is worth it. They were one of the few Goretex lined gloves on the market when I last looked. And their Goretex pants has some features I didn’t see on other pants.

            I agree their prices are high, and they are made overseas. But outside uniform stuff their prices aren’t that much higher than their competition. And they didn’t build their brand on being made in America like Yeti did.

            • Alex says:

              Their prices ARE that much higher. Let’s compare:

              Crye Precision G3 Uniform Pant + Knee Pads
              MSRP $202 (Pant) + $29.96 (Knee pads) = $231.96
              Made in USA with USA materials
              Bonus: American labor + American tax payers + American company = American dollars staying in American soil.

              Arc’teryx Assault Pant AR + Knee Caps
              MSRP $349 (Pant) + $59 (Knee caps) = $408.00
              Pants imported, knee caps Made in Canada
              Not so bonus: Non-american labor + non-american tax payers + non-American company = non-American dollars staying in the US. The company is part of a conglomerate corporation.

              So no not quite the same in terms of supporting your American economy or even in terms of price.

    • SShink says:

      They’re big on the outside, but tiny inside.

  3. Mirnyx says:

    Check out the RTIC coolers if you like Yeti but don’t want to pay YETI prices.

    • Alex says:

      RTIC is a parasite company and would not exist if Yeti didn’t.

      They ripped off all their coolers and even the tumbler. Do not support knockoffs!

      • PPGMD says:

        In this case it is the other way around, RTIC was the first one to make a soft cooler with a traditional top. Yeti copied that.

        But yeah knocks off made in China so no thanks. I am hoping someone else makes a high quality cooler made in America with a traditional top for a lid. Reaching in these soft sided cool with the single center zipper sucks, and it makes them hard to pack.

      • Andy says:

        Actually, the new YETI HOPPER 12 in an RTIC knockoff. Square design, wrap around zipper…’s identical.

        • SSD says:

          That’s actually funny considering RTIC markets their coolers as half the price of Yeti.

    • SSD says:

      Isn’t RTIC like the Condor of coolers?

      • PPGMD says:

        I don’t think that is a fair description. IME Condor is junk, but I’ve handled an RTIC that sees everyday use on a commercial work trailer. And it held up well.

        But I wouldn’t get them because there are American made competitors with similar price and performance.

        • Alex says:

          RTIC coolers are straight up made in the same factory as Yeti, it’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t trust the bastards. They’ll turnaround and sell your items to anyone. Even after you’ve paid for the molds, etc.

          • PPGMD says:

            Yeti hard coolers are made in USA still.

            Only the tumblers and soft coolers are made in China. And Yeti and RTIC have completely difference designs for their soft coolers. I have no idea about the tumblers.

            • Rearmount says:

              Not all their hard coolers are made in the USA. Even their site states that if you want a CONUS made one, contact them.

            • Maineflyfisher says:

              Yeti also makes coolers in Philippines . A friend of mine in the navy flies there a couple of times a month and yeti has a scratch and dent place next to the factory to buy factory mishandles . You can get them dirt cheap. $20-75 depending on the cooler.

  4. Jim Ellis says:

    I went with Orca. Made in Tennessee. Bought it through Bed Bath and Beyond website with a 20% discount. The guys who made Yeti sold the brand and now make a cooler called Mammoth.

  5. johnnyj says:

    Look up orion coolers, they are made by Jackson Kayak they look pretty cool. Yeti coolers just seem kinda lame compared to alot of the newer ones.

  6. Adam says:

    Why spend all that money when you can get the same or better products for 50% less then yeti. RTIC is that company.

  7. AbnMedOps says:

    I’m pretty happy with my overpriced Yeti stainless steel tumbler. It gives me a good excuse to get Arnold Palmer refills during Topless Tuesday at the Lingerie Coffee drive-thru (those girls work hard for tips to pay for medical school tuition!). But I do wish someone would bring out a titanium vacuum tumbler…because, well, TITANIUM!

  8. Ranger Rick says:

    Bison Coolers 100% USA made