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Ortlieb – Elevation Pro 2 Waterproof Heavy Duty Alpine Backpack

The Elevation Pro2 is a waterproof alpine backpack with roll closure and a removable height adjustable lid. The 42 L pack was developed in cooperation with the Austrian Alpine Rescue team (ÖBRD).

The pack was designed for heavy duty use in alpine terrain and expeditions where 100% protection against all weathers and durability and long-life is required. Numerous design features and low weight make it perfect for demanding climbs and expedition where every ounce counts without sacrificing sturdiness or waterproofness. Its slim shape and clear design underline the high expectations of a mountain rescue team for a pack offering reliable protection from rain and humidity during challenging trips in rock, snow and ice. A roll closure reliably protects your gear from rain and humidity.

The Elevation Pro2 features a waterproof zippered pocket on top of the lid accessible from the outside. A rope can be quickly attached to the lid thanks to a xing strap. The lid compartment with 4 L volume can be entirely taken off, just as the waist strap (with gear loops and zippered pockets). This allows for an individual adaption for multiple purposes of the pack.

A lateral zipper allows quick access to the main compartment, as an alternative to the roll closure. Further features include an ice axe mounting and an alloy buckle for the modified waist strap. A subdivided inner pocket allows for storing an optional hydration system.

Accessories: waterproof outer pockets, bottle cage, mesh pocket, pads for supporting lateral compression straps.


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    SSD, did you get this as a press release? Did it have an expected release date with it?