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Candice Horner New Director of Business Development of Breach-Bang-Clear

Breach-Bang-Clear is extremely proud to share that Candice Horner has joined their editorial staff as their new Director of Business Development. Horner is a former Marine, RN for the Bureau of Prisons, and an accomplished professional competitive shooter.

Horner comes to B-B-C from a former position as the Manager of OEM Sales for a major firearms manufacturer. She will continue to compete professionally, and is in fact already qualified for the 2017 3-Gun Nation Pro Series.

“I couldn’t imagine someone more suited for the job,” says David Merrill, Managing Editor of Breach-Bang-Clear, “and if I tried there would be space robots and laser swords and Kaij? involved.”

Horner served four years in the Marine Corps, working on F/A-18 engines at MCAS Iwakuni, using her GI Bill to earn a nursing degree afterward. After attending FLETC at Glynco she spent several years working as an RN at the Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, NC, eventually leaving that position to compete more regularly. She received her invitation to the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series in 2014 and has continued to compete since then. In 2015 Candice, then recently married, competed alongside new husband Daniel as a team in the Mammoth Sniper Challenge, “Extreme Tough Man Division,” and won. Her 3-Gun Nation Pro Series match was just recently televised on MAV TV.

“It’s hard not to feel awkward saying this since I’m writing about myself in the third person,” says B-B-C Chief Editor David Reeder, “but I’m happy to brag on her. Candice is smart, fierce, and motivated. Frankly I’m astonished she accepted the job – but damn am I glad to have her. It will make our eventual world conquest go a lot easier.”

Horner has previously written for Gun Up, RECOIL, Concealment, and OFFGRID, and will be assisting in B-B-C operations will continue to freelance on the side.

Says Horner,

“I was a huge fan of Breach-Bang-Clear before I met Reeder. Reading articles that are well written and thoroughly entertaining is a much needed break from the monotony of so much we see online. I’m stoked to be part of this highly motivated and far-too-intelligent-for-their-own-good group of misfits.”

Contact Horner at [email protected]; follow her on Instagram at @candi323 or visit her personal website, candi323.com.

B-B-C can be found online at www.breachbangclear.com, on Facebook at /BreachBangClear/, on Instagram @breachbangclear and on Tumblr, www.FOBdancingmom.com.

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4 Responses to “Candice Horner New Director of Business Development of Breach-Bang-Clear”

  1. Grady Burrell says:

    Good things happen to good people. What a Win / Win !

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Nice! I’m pretty sure she’s local to us, good to see she is part of BBC, we love them!

  3. Amy Coyne says:

    Congrats Candice! Well deserved!

  4. Daniel Dover says:

    Knock em’ dead Candice! Congratulations.