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The 7 Essential Elements Of An Effective Military Force

Canadian Lt General Stanley C Waters served as a Major in the famed combined USA/Canada First Special Service Force.

He related:
“there are seven essential elements in the make-up of any effective military force.  I will list them in what I believe to be proper order: Leaders, Men, Discipline, Training, Physical Fitness, Morale, and Equipment (although it could be argued that the first six are of equal importance and only equipment may be of lesser importance.)

“You will recognize let the Force excelled in all elements which particular on Men, Physical Fitness, and Morale. In my later experience, if I was asked to compare the Force with other first class troops I served with or commanded, I would always single out the quality of the men, their superb strength and endurance plus their indomitable spirit and high morale. We would have been a formidable force equipped only with clubs.”

Fortunatley, the Force was equipped with RS explosives, M1911A1 pistols, M1A1 carbines, M1 Garands, M1941 Johnson LMGs, and V-42 Knives.



5 Responses to “The 7 Essential Elements Of An Effective Military Force”

  1. MED says:

    FSSF & 10th Mountain Division – legendary.

  2. Gerard says:

    The FSSF is the only Army unit to be issued the Johnson LMG

    • Kirk says:

      Technically, they weren’t really issued the Johnson… They traded the Marines a bunch of plastic explosives for theirs. Nothing “issued” about it–They scrounged ’em, fair and square.