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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame

This week, are focusing on the Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame from FirstSpear. It’s been around awhile but has become quite popular with law enforcement and military. I’ve got one and I can tell you, this thing is a beast and makes transporting your gear a snap.

The bag features top loading through a large generous zipper closed portal and has reinforced secured handles that can be used to offset the pull of the bag behind you so as not to clip your heels or for those times when you find yourself pulling two. Plus, it’s available in some non-tactical, yet muted colors, so you don’t stick out one way or the other.

16” wide
11.5” deep at the top 12.5” deep at the bottom
36” long

Bonus for SSD readers: Order any Contractor Bag this weekend and get a FREE custom fabric backed cell tag in 2”x4″ (up to 8 characters) or 3”x8″ (up to 15 characters).


One Response to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame”

  1. Alex says:

    Spend $350 and get a free $5 patch? Hmm..