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RB1 SOIFAK Package

RedBack One has a resupply on their SOFIFAK which is specially packed by North American Rescue with contents selected specifically by Jason Falla, former Special Operations Assaulter, Team Medic and TCCC Instructor an LBT 9022B-T pouch.



4 Responses to “RB1 SOIFAK Package”

  1. NotJoe says:

    i can put this entire kit together for 100 or less… why over spent 200+ for this.

    • Tim says:

      Very impressive considering the pouch itself is like $65. And a packet of combat gauze will run you like $35-$45. Where do you get decomp needle, Hyfin chest seals, NPA, gauze, bandage, and a CAT for negative $5 to make a budget of $100? Or are you just talking out your ass?

    • SSD says:

      Then you should, but a procurement guy is not going to sign up for an arts and crafts project. He’s going to buy kits.

  2. Don says:

    Probably nitpicking, but there are some spelling errors with this post… But I do love SSD either way.