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The Veterans Family of Brands welcomes SSP Eyewear

The Veterans Family of Brands (VFOB), a Forward Operating Base for Veterans, is an organization bringing together like mission-minded companies, and individuals with a passion for supporting US Military and First Responder Veterans and their families!

Minden, NV. (August 25th, 2016) – The Veterans FOB was founded in 2016, after a small group of companies decided to work together to do more than they could accomplish by themselves from product demonstrations, customer events, and ultimately Veterans support. This vision quickly spawned interest from like minded companies with great brands who wanted to be part of the mission and as such the VFOB came to life! Check out our mission, our family of companies, our VFOB dealers, and get info on memberships at www.veteransfob.com.

SSP Eyewear

Why did your company have interest in joining VFOB?

“Being the son of a Vietnam Vet, and an employer of more recent veterans families, we have been disheartened in the available resources for our men and woman that have served abroad. After meeting with the key people at VFOB we were encouraged to discover an ethical board of veterans dedicated to financially supporting veteran based charities, stated Mike Bechtel, CEO of SSP Eyewear, “It also introduced us to a network of other business owners who have the same values that we have, primarily how to support our veterans without contributing to a large “Not For Profit Corporation”, with little or nothing going to our veterans.”

SSP Eyewear’s mission is to educated the world that safety eyewear is a necessity and doesn’t have to be expensive or uncomfortable. SSP Eyewear is committed to creating safety sunglasses that provide exceptional protection, great styles, coordinated colors and superior fit. The owner Mike Bechtel has over 17 years in the eyewear industry, he specializes in private labeling, custom eyewear, and introducing new innovative products that improve people’s lives. Check out www.sspeyewear.com for more details.

“We are ecstatic to welcome SSP Eyewear to the VFOB family! ” stated Casey Betzold, Co-Founder of VFOB, “They are like minded and make a fantastic product line, and have a huge heart for those who served. It was a no brainer to welcome them in with open arms. “


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