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PM SCIE Conducts Airborne Testing At Ft Bragg With RA-1 Parachute

This week members of PEO Soldier’s Program Manager – Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment went skydiving conducted testing of some new tachnologies while jumping the Military Freefall Advanced Ram Air Parachute System (MFF ARAPS) RA-1 at Raeford DZ, near Fort Bragg, NC.

PEO Soldier’s airdrop team out of Fort Belvoir, VA worked with support from NSRDEC Engineers and NET trainers from Prince George, VA, Yuma, AZ and Fort Bragg, NC.

The RA-1 (NSN 1670-01-606-1897) has been adopted by the US Army and is currently in service. It consists of the Intruder® 360 main parachute, the Intruder® 360 reserve parachute, and the Raider 2 harness/container manufactured by Airborne Systems.

4 Responses to “PM SCIE Conducts Airborne Testing At Ft Bragg With RA-1 Parachute”

  1. SSD says:

    No one even caught my attempt at airborne humor.

  2. B M says:

    “We’re on another useless joyride at the cost of mere millions to the US taxpayer.”

  3. Gavin says:

    There is more to the story as to why they were jumping that system…and no one else is…

  4. Jake says:

    Are those First Spear Tubes attachments on some of the harnesses/containers?