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Were You A Survivalist?

Back in the 80s there were Survivalists and unfortunately, they got a bit of a bad name in the popular press, even being portrayed as villians in more than a few selections of fiction because of their fixation on nuclear conflict and the use of weapons. 

The new millennium dawned and with it a new moniker; Prepper. Preppers come in many flavors, including pacifists who work toward sustainable food sources. While Preppers are often looked at as kooks in media, but there’s nothing wrong with being able to rely upon yourself, if even only for a few weeks.

Here are a couple of magazine advertisements aimed at Survivalists.

23 Responses to “Were You A Survivalist?”

  1. Gerard says:

    Im no Prepper Im a traditonal American survivalist. When we watered down the word we lost the movement. The whole goal of the ‘survivalist’ name was to strike fear into the minds of spineless evirormentalists and anti gunners.

    • AGL Bob says:

      No matter what you call it the liberals and sheeple are intimidated by anyone who can fend for themselves and don’t expect the government to look after them in times of need. Most of them probably don’t even own a proper first aid kit. They’ll just dial 911 and let the paramedics come and fix their booboo. I know, I’ve been servicing 911 dispatch centers for 20 years and hear about the clowns wasting our precious public safety and life support services with their petty problems.

    • TominVA says:

      What’s wrong with being an environmentalist?
      Why do you want to strike fear?

    • straps says:

      Integrating some tree-hugging environmentalist thinking will probably enable you to dispose of waste in a way that enables you to avoid detection and defend a smaller piece of terrain for a longer period on terms more favorable to you.

      …and sustain the earth, air or water used by neighbors who may share your world view. You might take human contact for granted (or even think you’ll want to avoid it), but it becomes a quality of life issue VERY quickly…

  2. LowSpeed says:

    Nothing wrong with having/maintaining the skills to care for yourself and others during crisis whether that’s through agricultural skills,carpentry, hunting, and through force of arms if need be. We get into the socially odd realm when being able to do those things dominates every aspect of our lives, worldviews, and future outlooks. Seek a balance friends.

  3. Gerard says:

    Balance is for ballerinas like Rahm Emmanuel (wink)

  4. john smith says:

    I surround myself with what most would call “ready” people by dint of my work. Many others that visit here share that profession and would think the same thing.

    I routinely ask the dudes what their water plan is. I usually get (polite) funny looks followed by a “he’s getting older” smile. Our culture has been largely cleared of the self sufficient- its rare… even in the hardest knots remaining in our soft wood society.

  5. Disco says:

    You know Grady, some people think I’m overprepared, paranoid, maybe even a little crazy. But they never met any Pre-Cambrian lifeforms did they?

  6. Ray Forest says:

    Never knew the AR15A2 was the equivalent of the M16A1 not the Ar15A1

  7. Bill says:

    That suede patched flannel shirt tho

  8. Another Ed says:

    The Scout motto since 1908 has been, and still is, “Be Prepared”:


  9. Dellis says:

    A great movie was brought to mind after reading this, “The Survivors” with Walter Matthau and Robin Williams.

    Damn funny film!

  10. Reverend says:

    The problem is the weak-willed have invaded the government, and made it “Illegal” for you to do things that makes you “Self-sufficient”. For example, it’s ILLEGAL for certain places to collect RAINWATER. It’s ILLEGAL to not be connected to the “grid”. It’s ILLEGAL to not have your house connected to “city water/sewage”. It’s ILLEGAL for you carry a weapon in certain places to protect yourself. Once more? Your minor actions can cause you to have bad run ins with authorities, and they “confiscate” your legal items, and make it hell for you to have them returned…

    (shakes head) Those who are strong, are few. The majority make the rules, and they’re a buncha freakin’ wussies.