Zero Foxtrot – Wolverines T-shirt

“Red Dawn” is one of my favorite movies. If I was going to make a t-shirt to commemorate that movie, it would look a lot like this one. They’ve combined the iconic AK held aloft in a fist with the Wolverines grafiiti, and even added character Robert Moriss uttering, “It Keeps Me Warm.”  This is a cool shirt.


7 Responses to “Zero Foxtrot – Wolverines T-shirt”

  1. Gerard says:

    Perfect T shirt

  2. Mr.E.G. says:

    Nice. If I’m being critical, I’d wish they’d put less stuff on it. Maybe just the Wolverines text or the quote but not both.

    Nevertheless, I’m going to buy one. Haha.

  3. Patrick says:

    All that hates going to burn you up, kid.

  4. JKifer says:

    this is awesome, i’ll be buying one… what would we do without the hate? I cant remember a time without it…