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ZTS – Mini Battery Tester

With all of the electronics we use these days, power collection and management is a serious concern. Because so many work-related items use standard commercial batteries, this is an item which is just as useful at home as on the job.

Kitbadger recently conducted a review of the Mini Battery Tester by ZTS. It allows you to quickly ascertain the status of the batteries you have on hand.

The MBT ests 1.5v alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D, N), 1.2v NiMH/NiCd, 3v photo lithium, and 9v alkaline. Interstingly, it uses 4 AAA batteries.

The MBT is available though

Thanks Ivan!

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4 Responses to “ZTS – Mini Battery Tester”

  1. William says:

    I have two of these. They big one and the mini. After a few weeks I will end up with a stack of used batteries and will run through and test them before I put them in the recycle bin. It is also good for just checking the level to see how much is left. They work great. I recommend anyone using batteries on a regular basis get one

  2. jack says:

    Interesting. Anybody with actual experience knows how reliable the lithium batteries assessment is? I’ve always heard that lithium were hard to measure correctly.

    • SG says:

      We’ve had this guy at our shop (not selling it, just using it to check levels on batteries), and it works great. It’s pretty important that we not put a set of mixed-charge batteries into a light, and a 20%+/- interval seems to be good enough for our purposes. The shop hasn’t burned to the ground.

      That’s a ringing endorsement, right?

  3. Jesse says:

    I have the larger version and use it all the time. Great investment if your a flashlight nerd like myself, or just OCD about batteries lol…