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Hill People Gear – M2016 Butt Pack

Hill People Gear has answered the requests of customers and persuasive friends with an updated version of the venerable M1956 / M1967 military butt pack. For many in the US, a moldy military surplus M1967 on an alice belt with a couple of canteen pouches (and sheath knife if you were lucky!) was a first field setup and still holds a special place.

Just like the originals, the M2016 Butt Pack can be used as a shoulder bag or mounted on a belt with or without H-Harness. Unlike the original, HPG’s new offering is also designed to mount securely on the top of a full sized pack as a floating and compressible top pocket. It comes with a shoulder strap with other carriage options offered separately.

The exterior has 4 different surfaces comprised of FirstSpear’s proprietary 6/12 PALS grid fabric. There are both top and bottom compression straps for adding additional items. The interior is accessed via a full panel opening secured with a #10 zipper and additionally protected with side release buckles. Internal organization consists of a full 6/12 velcro / PALS field next to the removable HDPE frame sheet and a mesh zippered pocket opposite that.

I love their videos which not only inform you about the product but also have a travelogue vibe.

The Hill People Gear M2016 Butt Pack will be available in mid-November for $135 in two-tone ranger green / khaki and two tone manatee grey / foliage grey. To be notified when it is available, email [email protected]. Please specify color choice.


18 Responses to “Hill People Gear – M2016 Butt Pack”

  1. SaulsAR15 says:

    Dear HPG,

    Get out of my head and stop making such groovy gear. I have no money.

  2. Hubb says:

    I like this pack…will pick one up. I have their Heavy Recon Kit Bag and I would like to see HPG turn this pack into a chest mounted kit bag since it has 6/12 velcro / PALS field inside and out.

    • Scot says:

      Are you sure you don’t have a regular Recon? The Heavy already has 6/12 inside and out just like the M2016

  3. Buckaroomedic says:

    Talk about perfect timing. Kifaru has just announced the discontinuation of their Scout lumbar pack. This pack might be able to fill that void in the market.

  4. Ken Galbraith says:

    Yet another superb product from my good buddies out there in Grand Junction! Of course, I will absolutely have to obtain one of these!

  5. Strike-Hold says:

    That looks frikkin sweet!

  6. JamesFrost says:

    I will certainly be getting ahold of one these. These guys build some exceptional kit.

  7. Jon, OPT says:

    I just peed a little, and I’m okay with that

  8. Jeremy says:

    Ohhhh…looks like my Ute needs a new top pocket!

  9. joe says:

    It’s on the website and listed as out of stock (probably ’cause it doesn’t go live ’til mid-Nov, like the article says).

  10. Invictus says:

    The world needs more Hill People Gear. With First Spear’s 6/12, their offerings get lighter, more durable and more water resistant. Great collaboration.

  11. DI says:

    My favorite company making great gear as usual! Will have to pick one up!

  12. CF says:

    This looks awesome. My Umlindi has been asking for this top pocket for the last 2 years. Can I fit more HPG gear in my life? Yes. Yes I can.

  13. Dellis says:

    I am excited to have this lil piece of kit and equally bummed when I find it will not be ready till November!

    I was hoping to get one for a 9 day trip out to Flagstaff, Grand Canyon and Sedona IN November.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an early release

  14. Phenome says:

    What a beauty!
    But i wonder if it would look ginormous versus my pefite-framed sporty little six o’clock. Sad that there is only so few female-oriented accessories that cry awesomness.
    But behold!
    I could still use it as a shoulder bag.