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Mark Cuban, Combat Flip Flops Open Navy Exchange in San Diego October 6th

?Donald Lee, Matthew Griffin & Andy Sewrey from Combat Flip Flops Photo: Anthony Bolante, The Image Arsenal

Donald Lee, Matthew Griffin & Andy Sewrey from Combat Flip Flops
Photo: Anthony Bolante, The Image Arsenal

Combat Flip Flops is proud to announce the Navy Exchange as its first major retail partner. This partnership is a gigantic leap for the Combat Flip Flops mission and provides service members and their families everyday savings on their favorite beach footwear. Media and authorized patrons of the Navy Exchange are invited on Thursday, Oct. 6th to join the Combat Flip Flops team and everybody’s favorite Shark Entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, in celebrating the launch.

Combat Flip Flops is a beach lifestyle and apparel company that makes cool products in dangerous places—kicking radicalism in the teeth with stable employment and women’s education.

Location: Navy Exchange, 226 Callagan Hwy, San Diego, CA
Time: 12 – 1 pm
Details: Meet the Combat Flip Flop founders and Mark Cuban, learn about the brand, and see firsthand why Cuban invested in their mission to manufacture peace through trade.

“We are stoked that the Navy Exchange, one of the worlds’ largest flip flop retailers, has joined the Unarmed Forces. With the opening order, we’ll be able to put over 6 Afghan girls in school for a year,” said Matthew Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops.

For those unable to make the celebration, Mark Cuban and the Combat Flip Flops team will host a Facebook Live video starting at 11:50 am PST.



36 Responses to “Mark Cuban, Combat Flip Flops Open Navy Exchange in San Diego October 6th”

  1. cy says:

    Lost me a Mark Cuban.

  2. Wynn says:

    Cuban the HUGE Hillary supporter

  3. Marcus says:

    Combat Flip Flops are awesome. Cuban can EATADIK.

    I guess Mark Geist wasn’t available.

  4. These guys just made a bad call hooking up with a big Hillary supporter – kiss of death for their business from this community. Not good.

    • Bill says:

      Why? They’re doing their best to keep the doors open. I don’t watch Sharktank and I don’t know what the specifics are regarding the deal. Even if I did I’m not qualified enough to opine if it was a good deal. But, if it is solely because of Cubans political bent even Soros is invested in weapons and ammunition companies. If you scratch the surface you’ll see many firearms companies take liberal dollars. Business is business after all.

    • Porter Urry says:

      This community must not pay attention, because the CFF guys are leftist peaceniks anyway, combat veteran Ranger hooahs or not. The addition of Mark Cuban does nothing to change their core values or indicate any sort of selling out.

      That said, I own two pairs of their flip flops. I can buy and appreciate a product from a veteran-owned company while ignoring their politics.

    • Plick says:

      The way I see it is that the poor and the Hillary supporters will always be with us while a pair of CFF or any other item does a great deal more for a girl in Afghanistan or a kid in Laos than it does for Mark Cuban.

    • Jeremy says:

      The large amount of people I see wearing and using CFF gear flies directly in the face of your prediction Larry.

    • RayRay says:

      Well, it’s not like they could have partnered up with Trump, he would never have paid them.

      And sure, act all gung-ho, crap on a company of veterans who are actually doing something to improve the lot of women and children. Maybe you’d be more supportive if they livestreamed yelling at a TV showing MSNBC?

      P.S. They seem to be doing much better than your own brand.

  5. FJM says:

    CFF is legit and Cuban has real success. Sky is the limit for Griff and team.

  6. Uncle Dan says:

    Cuban is a BOPOS!

  7. Barry Soetoro says:

    Unfortunately, due to Mark Cuban’s front and center backing of liberal ideals that cause harm to Americans I will be boycotting all things Cuban.

  8. Jon Meyer says:

    Funny how some pitch away any philisophical or ethical responsibility when they say business is business or that they can ignore a companies politics. Then they go and try to justify their ideologies by resorting to an elementary stance of “they do it, so it makes it ok for me to.” Those ideologies are what have gotten us where we are now.

  9. Steve says:

    Upfront caveat: I’m a friend of CFF, a happy customer and a proud dealer of their products. My perspective is that the Boys have a forward thinking business model and are leading the way with creativity, fun and ethics. Oh – and creating a successful business. (Which for those have tried, know that it ain’t easy!). It’s impressive to get a heavy hitter like Mark Cuban on board. As for Mark’s politics, I have no idea, I’ve never had a political conversation with him (or any other conv for that matter). But as long as he’s ethical and moral, I could care less about his politics. Bottom line is the CFF/Cuban venture is winning all the way around – creating jobs, raising consciousness for military/veteran issues, funding worthy initiatives, having fun, and as Griff would say, ‘spreading Stoke!’. I’d like to see a Harvard Business School case study…Drive on CFF!
    Steve, U.S. Elite

  10. Dellis says:

    Boycotts schmoycotts…I don’t see how buying or supporting CF is a direct link to liberal left support.

    How many of you taking a stance against CF cause of Cuban buy starbucks or deal with Apple?

    Let’s not confuse Griff’s “anti-war” stance with liberal lefts “anti-defense” stance.

    I’ve spoken with Griff on occasion and a great guy, we talked more about cars then anything, so I support CF mission which is to build hope for others thru an entrepreneur spirit or mindset. They are not seeking to disarm us.

    Now why Cuban, a guy who promotes entrepreneurial ideas, would ever support left leaning/socialist agendas I have no clue. …he is butt ass backwards in that.

  11. Griff says:

    Hello SSD Community,

    Awesome discussion. And holy [email protected], a legend just comment on our little flip flop business. Awesome.

    Would love to respond, but currently doing the family thing. Would anybody mind if we responded via Facebook Live. Wednesday, 2pm PST work for everybody?


    Until then, we look forward to discussion and responding to your questions or comments.


    • mikelovett says:

      would someone shove a.big.dick into Cubans mouth tired of his I a expert at everything rhetoric. its getting old. lol

  12. kel says:

    Griff and Co. can spread a good message, help people, and take dollars from wherever they come from. Icing bad guys now is only part of the answer – no reason why we can’t do that as well as help the kids and women that find themselves in the crossfire of wars and on the poop end of history.
    It’s cool to see people from the been-there community trying something other than “kill ’em all” solutions to every problem.

  13. KRose says:

    Full disclosure, I have worked with Griff and consider him to be a rugged entrepreneur and patriot. I am not a fan of Cuban but I will always support CFF and their mission. The sacrifices these guys have made to build their business is real and ongoing. They have not compromised their principals and have remained true to their mission.

  14. Flip Flop Shooter says:

    Mr. Vickers;

    Over the last few decades you’ve established yourself as being one of the most knowledgeable and professional in the arenas of Special Operations, instruction, and gunsmithing. While you have owned several businesses, you are not an expert in deciding which businesses will survive nor the intentions of it’s owners. Stating a difference in opinion about an investor is one thing. Suggesting it is a “kiss of death” for their business when they’ve seen exponential growth since the support from 3 of the “sharks” proves that your claim is unfounded and outside your lane. The shooting community is a very tight one and word of actions spread quickly, as you so implied. Bear that in mind when you criticize others without basis.

  15. Warden says:

    I concur with Vickers. Big Kiss of Death being associated with that big mouth liberal Cuban.

    I advise that you make a contribution to Trump and notify the general public. Otherwise, many people will boycott.

    • RayRay says:

      Wow, the ignorance and detachment from reality in this statement is amazing. I commend you for daring to live in a dream, good sir.

    • I'm With Griff says:

      Right, boycott the company because one of the investors supports a different candidate than you. Despite their mission being so important. Pretty short sighted, way to support your veteran owned businesses.

  16. I'm With Griff says:

    Not supporting Trump and throwing your support behind Hillary hardly makes you a liberal. Just look at all the Republicans that have supported her. Trump has done so much harm to the Republican Party it is ridiculous. People are voting for Hillary despite her liberal views because they would rather have a liar in office than a mad man. And besides, if political views of a business owner dictate how you shop for footwear, then you are thinking too hard. Especially, when the company making the footwear has such an important mission. Instead of Larry Vickers calling them out, he should be supporting them. Way to use your influence for something good, just because one investor in the company supports a different candidate than you.

    • Craig says:

      “throwing your support behind Hillary hardly makes you a liberal”.

      Uh, what? Throwing your support behind Hillary absolutely makes you a liberal. Do you have any clue as to what her policies are?

  17. Rabano says:

    Just a reminder that the Shark Tank deal happened before the season finale of America unfolded.
    Their exposure on Shark Tank alone helped them help a lot of needy families in Afghanistan. The Sharks’ investment pushed them to sell more, and in turn, put more girls to school.
    They didn’t seek Cuban because of his politics. The CFF boys won the tank fair and square – not just winning Cuban’s support, but from Greiner and John as well.

  18. Down With Anti-2A says:

    I agree with LAV. Any purchase of Combat Flipflop products enriches Mark Cuban. Cuban is quite vocal in his support of Hillary Clinton. She is anti-2A and pro liberal agenda. Anyone who disagrees with how Cuban will spend his money to promote her Clinton’s liberal agenda, should boycott CFF.

  19. MT Doc says:

    Look at the metrics , watch shark tank again. Helping girl schools and all that is a good cause. Who could say no. Hope it’s real. Not sure how this unfolds. We’ve all seen what happens when we give nice things to other people. Good luck at the exchange , sales and revenue will tell the story.

  20. Sean says:

    If Vickers thinks Hillary is soft on Defense and Trump is strong than he just demonstrated that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to politics. (I’m not a Hillary supporter BTW). As far as the product goes, my flip flops are awesome.

    • SSD says:

      I’ve seen the Clinton national security policy in action for first hand. Haven’t we suffered enough?

      • Sean says:

        I agree but I fear Trump will be worse. We’re caught between a rock and a hard place this year. Either way, not sure what it has to do with flip flops. vickers is implying guilt by 3rd party association.

        • SSD says:

          Well, we’ve got the Clinton record to reflect on. The military suffers under a Clinton Presidency.

    • Jon Meyer says:

      Where did LAV mention Trump is his comment? There are about five different fallacies in your comment. It would behoove you not to put words into others mouths.

  21. CFF Andy says:

    I want to thank you all for taking time out of your day to express your opinions publicly. I can relate to how hard it is to find time to simply keep the lights on at work and families happy, fed, and safe; let alone stop to post thoughts on a company you may or may not have a direct connection to. Fact is, its easier to blow off the things we don’t agree with and move on with our life. The fact that what we are doing effected you all enough to speak up brings a smile to my face. We all have opinions, in politics and business. I place far more weight on the effort than the opinion.
    All of us at CFF, our manufacturers, and the charities we support have battled to prove a new way to bring sustainable change to some very difficult regions.
    Our customers from all sides of the political arena are the engine that powers the movement. The existence of movement validates the mission. We could not be more proud of all of you. Regardless of your opinions.
    Andy Sewrey
    Co-founder / President