Urban Operator – Weight Lifting Straps

The owner of Urban Operator is a Retired Marine. He started out with the Tight360 brand but has expanded. Now, he’s offering these Unique Weight Lifting Straps which are made using Mil-Spec 2″inch and 1″ inch Nylon Webbing. The grip material remains durable while maintaining the superior grip throughout the life of the product. The Innovative Wrist Support ergonomically developed to promote circulation to the hand while eliminating nerve damage. The Wide Wrist Strap is sewn with a hook and loop closure for excellent wrist support. Finally, Adjustable wrist support keeps the wrist in the correct position while training.

Sold as pairs, Velcro fastening, One size fit all

Wrist Wrap length: 2″ inch wide, 16″ long

Lifting Wrap Length: 1.5″ inch wide , 10″ long (enough to wrap 2-3 times around a bar)


10 Responses to “Urban Operator – Weight Lifting Straps”

  1. Geoff says:

    I could not find contact info on your website, but if interested in our new printed webbing capabilities, I would be grateful for a moment of your time.

  2. Steak TarTar says:

    I got my 5×3 deadlift up to 265lbs, and grip was the one thing holding me back. I had been using mixed, but it was putting some strain on my bicep and i didnt want an injury. this seems like the logical next step!

    • d says:

      The other logical step is to work on your grip strength.

      • Non-Operator says:

        get some cream for that burn

      • Probably just me, but I always wondered what the point of lifting stuff you can’t hold is.

        • WorkingDog says:

          No one’s saying you need to use them exclusively or frequently.

          Olympic lifters, for example, will use them occasionally (1) to overload with max-plus weights on snatches and power snatches (adding ~5%), and/or (2) during super high-volume periods.

          Or, if you’re doing high-rep rack-pulls, or any exercise with a high TUT for muscle development, where isometric strength-endurance is, or should be, a limiting factor, straps will be optimal.

  3. SammytheSeal says:

    If you cant lift it on your own, it dont count with this strap shit

  4. Riley says:

    As someone who competed in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting; if your grip is weak the whole kinetic chain is weak. We can debate the benefits of quality straps all day but the problem with weak hands….is weak hands.

    Get strong and then worry about fancy straps.