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United Shield International – SPEC OPS DELTA GEN II Helmet


United Shield International has just introduced the SPEC OPS DELTA GEN II helmet. The GEN II helmet shares the standard features of its predecessor, while featuring multiple improvements, including:

– New carbon fiber Integrated Components universal NVG mount, with a guaranteed ‘no rattle fit’

– Ultra Comfort Pad System, featuring pads with Phase Change performance technology that maintain comfort for the wearer in various environmental temperatures. The pads are also structured with a removable crown to accommodate comms, and are built to MilSpec standard by 4D Tactical, exclusively for United Shield International.

– Improved USI BOA Rapid Adjustment Dial, allowing for rapid tightening and loosening, with an added feature of tight and loose micro adjustment. The BOA also features a removable chin cup for ease of replacement and launder, or exchange for a gas mask strap.



3 Responses to “United Shield International – SPEC OPS DELTA GEN II Helmet”

  1. Gavin says:

    SPEC OPS DELTA…all that is missing from the name is “TACTICAL OPERATOR.”

  2. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    The knock-off Wilcox mount is pretty amazing…