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Max Velocity Tactical – 3X Special Forces Rig

This new rig from Max Velocity Tactical came about after training an SF team at their facility in June (hence the 3X name, which is the team’s nickname).


-Accommodates up to 2 AN/PRC 152 radios, which are often very uncomfortably jammed up under a cummerbund against the ribs. This Team’s 18E does not allow radio carriage on the back, which has become pretty common becuase he wants the operator to be able to get at the radio.  Don’t carry 2 radios? Use the space for extra mags.

-Carries 4 mags in kydex inserts on the front of the body, vice Plate Carriers which often allow only space for 3 mag pouches.

-Ability to attach it to a PC with a PC attachment kit (sold separately), wear it over a PC using the supplied H-Harness, or wear it standalone in ‘recce mode.’

-No use of velcro / hook and loop. Even the available admin pouches use a tuck tab method for silent opening and closing.

Offered in MultiCam and Coyote.



17 Responses to “Max Velocity Tactical – 3X Special Forces Rig”

  1. Yogi says:

    Y no multicam molle webbing tho?? 🙁

    • willsew4kit says:

      Um There will be a camouflage pocket attached over it. almost 100% chance…

    • JKifer says:

      really, who cares..? for aesthetics yes..but if you’re buying a CR or any kit for that matter and care about aesthetics well… anyways, out in the bush the difference between MC webbing and whatever earth tones used aint a whole big deal…

      • Jack says:

        Sorry. Is this an operators only website? When I play gijoe on the weekends I’d like my webbing to match.

      • Yogi says:

        Lol, so horisontal contrasting lines on your rig would not make a whole big deal? So why use camo in the first place?
        The rig looks nice but if i was to use it the only pouches i would add for my use would be two Frag pouches as the rig already has integrered MBITR pouches, thus the lines would stand out.
        Multicam webbing is very accesible and would add greatly in the consealability of this rig.
        The way it is now i would have to spray paint it, if it had multicam webbing on shoulders and molle i would not..
        This solution is just lazy..

        And no, its not about aesthetics, but camo, a very fundemental military consept..

        • JKifer says:

          you need to get a snickers… I can’t even count how many times Ive seen camo out in the field in varying degrees of patterns or solid earth tones that works just fine.. and about this fundamental military concept..Hmmmmm, ACU’s… that’s all im gonna say…

          • Yogi says:

            Jeez.. as i said, when multicam webbing is as accessible and cheap as regular tan webbing, i see no reason to use tan webbing and have unatural horisontal lines running over your gear.
            work just fine, yeah whatever.
            if you dont give a shit and are fine with subpar solutions, good for you, i guess that says something about your person..
            but since you apparently are the camo/gear sme here with your countless field spottings of multicolored patterns i guess i will just crawl back to my dwelling..

          • Riceball says:

            Which ACU are you talking about though? ACUs in UCP or in OCP? Remember, ACU is the uniform pattern and can be in any color or camo pattern.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Best team stickers ever. Like the rig too.

  3. HK says:

    I bought one of their 5.56 patrol rigs a while back. Awesome quality and design. Sold my HSGI chest rig. The kydex pouches are like KYWIs with good retention yet quick draw. Rig has a compass and map pouch on the back, loops along the bottom for routing a flexible radio antenna, and snaps easily onto a plate carrier. Looks like they redesigned the GP pouches to close up the side gaps between lid and body. I like the silent tuck tabs a lot.

  4. john smith says:

    The 152 on the back comment gave me a chuckle. I’ve been guilty of that and as a result…….”hey man switch me up” as I turn and look away.

  5. Mike Dixon says:

    Looks pretty nice but would suggest a split front with a couple of buckles. That way you can open it up in the prone without smashing your mags or burying your 152s in the dirt/snow. Split front is also nice for adjusting quickly over snivel gear.

  6. GCT says:

    I know I am an odd duck, but I hate the multicam webbing because it has the word Multicam written on it. Also, it perturbs me that the multicam webbing is a micro version of the camo pattern. It would look better to me if it was a macro design, and blended better with the fabric. The Brits have a version of what I am talking about that looks amazing.

    Given the choice, I prefer the tan webbing to the multicam.