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Constitution, Country Music and a Call to Action by Marty Daniel

Black Creek, GA – November 1, 2016 – Daniel Defense, manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, is rallying voters to support the preservation of our Second Amendment rights this Election Day. In a campaign that includes an open letter from Daniel Defense Founder & President Marty Daniel, and a video featuring music legend Charlie Daniels, voters are encouraged to consider the importance of the Second Amendment and defending it by getting out to vote on November 8th.

“The Second Amendment guarantees our right, as U.S. citizens, to keep and bear arms, yet it’s under a constant barrage of attacks,” Marty Daniel writes in his open letter. “Many incumbents and challengers believe this important amendment is outdated and should be ripped from the Constitution, the very foundation of what makes this country a beacon of freedom to the entire world. But we cannot allow this to happen.” Daniel wraps up his letter by imploring voters to ask themselves one important question before casting their votes this year: “If our fundamental right to keep and bear arms, as defined by the authors of the U.S. Constitution, were to disappear tomorrow, will you be able to say you did your part to stop it?”

Icon Charlie Daniels (with an S; no relation to Marty Daniel) also makes a strong case for the Second Amendment in the four-and-a-half-minute video in which he stars. “It’s very simple what the Second Amendment says,” he explains. “We have a right to keep and bear arms. Doesn’t say anything about what caliber we can have; doesn’t say anything about how many we can have.” Daniels sums up the importance of voting in favor of Second Amendment rights with the following statement: “If we elect people who want to take our second amendment rights away from us, we’re at their mercy. Every country that’s ever been taken over by a totalitarian government has been disarmed first.”

This year’s election has proved to be one of the most contentious in U.S. history, with candidates from both parties achieving record “unfavorable” ratings. But despite widespread divisiveness and voter apathy, it promises to be one of the most significant as well, given the very different directions candidates—presidential candidates, in particular—would like to see the country head. To read Marty Daniel’s open letter in its entirety, visit:


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7 Responses to “Constitution, Country Music and a Call to Action by Marty Daniel”

  1. Fox says:

    Very proud of Daniel Defense, and Charlie Daniels, for standing up for what is right- and spreading the message of Liberty and Freedom. God bless America!

  2. Andrew says:

    Nicely done DD. Video was extremely well done.

  3. SamHill says:

    That dude has a beautiful farm. Nicely done video.

  4. Washington says:

    supporting a mysoginist bigot racist incapable of formulating actual ideas and coherent thoughts is fine because guns, sure.

    • Chuck says:

      Or, you can support a corrupt influence peddler under multiple FBI investigations who wants to take our guns away. Sure.

      And, yeah, she does want to take them away. Nobody is fooled.

    • Philip says:

      Um, the 2nd Amendment is a cornerstone to the preservation of the great American republic. Bearing arms in the face of tyranny is how we came to be and how we’re going to keep existing. Our Founders were not idiots and knew tyrannical bureaucracy was but a generation away if not legally restrained or kept in check by vigilant citizenry. That’s why it is specifically mentioned in the Bill of Rights, supported with the verbiage that it shall not be infringed.

      So yeah, I’m naturally going to support the person who also sees it that way.