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Grunt Style Announces Precision Pro Team for 2017

Carroll Stream, IL-Grunt Style is proud to announce its 2017 Long Range Pro Team. The GS Pro Team will be competing in long range precision shooting sports across several disciplines and organizations.

Grunt Style 1st SGT Tim Jensen said of the Pro Team, “We’re proud to have assembled some of the greatest folks and shooters in the US. These guys aren’t just great shooters; they are some of the most genuine people that I know. We’re looking forward to a great year of changing the face of shooting sports and instilling a sense of pride in self, military and country of everyone that we meet.”

GS Pro Team Precision shooters include PRS notables, Bryan Morgan, Joe Caley, Spenser Berry and precision competition new comer, Tim Jensen.

Grunt Style’s first event of the 2017 season will be the PRS Finale at FTW Ranch in Barksdale, TX, Jan 27-29, 2017.


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