US Tactical Supply – USTS Hoodies


New from US Tactical Supply, the USTS Sweatshirt features the USTS logo on the front, with one of three graphics variations:

  • Large Thin-Blue-Line Punisher skull on back
  • Large Thin-Blue-Line Spartan helmet on back
  • “Infidel” written down the sleeve.
  • Available for a limited time either online, or at the US Tactical Supply Showroom.


    13 Responses to “US Tactical Supply – USTS Hoodies”

    1. Kev says:

      Frank castle is a bad ass but we’ve got to stop slapping the thin blue line on anything and everything. A vigilante murderer and storm trooper helmets don’t need thin blue lines

      • Whiskey Bravo says:

        I never understood why would a professional LEO would identify with expendable, inaccurate, tools of an evil empire or a lawless vigilante either.

        • Jester says:

          The same dorks that wear the stupid “I fight the evil you refuse to admit exists” tee shirts and have FOP plastered over every square inch of their Jeep Liberty.

          • Kev says:

            Some of that shit is good locker room moral, “Play like a champion,” but definitely doesnt go on a tshirt you wear in public. These days at work it seems to be the ones working harder at not working that go home and perpetuate the sheep dog mantra. The rest of us are too busy working.

            • Jester says:

              No shit. The overweight girl who rides a desk after 9 days of actual experience on the street, or the dude that has every gun known to man but can barely qualify or complete a 1.5 mile “Run” without walking.

              The jail guard types.

    2. AbnMedOps says:

      What’s with all this skull crap everywhere?

      I recently spoke with a mil-friendly landlord who, against better judgement, rented a house to a recent vet with a huge freaky skull decal like this on his pickup truck back window. Turned out to be a dirtbag who abused his family, trashed the house, and disappeared owing months of rent. The landlord says from now on, no more “skull” numb-skulls in his rentals! lol

      Not the first time I’ve heard a variation on this theme …whatever unexplained message this skull thing is supposed to send (tough guy? macho posturing? comic-book fan?), it’s backfiring by creeping out a lot of potential employers, customers, cops, fathers of daughters, and other key individuals.

    3. Lasse says:

      no step on snek

    4. Dellis says:

      Ya, in my area of work guys wanted flames, carbon fiber and/or skulls. Now it’s barbed wire wrapped around skulls or just barbed wire.