This Isn’t Your Typical Wartime Photo

It’s got a little bit of everything going on.  

17 Responses to “This Isn’t Your Typical Wartime Photo”

  1. DSM says:


  2. Disco says:

    The Gene Autry of II Corps?

  3. JKifer says:

    but but but…. where is his PT BELTTTTT!!!!!!!… over…

    • Iheartptbelts says:

      This is an excellent question. Anyone that didn’t ask themselves the same question should smoke themselves. Just don’t smoke yourself to the point that you feel hazed.

  4. cy says:

    I hope he made charlie sing the blues.

  5. Dellis says:

    Looks like he just asked, “Ok, where is my amp?”

  6. Hubb says:

    Buck Sergeant…I knew a couple when I first joined the USAF in 1994.

  7. Lt. Dan says:

    Even that guitar is whacked out. Looks like an acoustic with a strat neck?

  8. Grady Burrell says:

    One thing I will say, there was no crying rooms, no weeping mentors, no professors with hot chocolate, they got some USO once a quarter, but by God this was a tougher generation by far.

  9. Strike-Hold says:

    “Do I look like a guy who gives a fuck?!”

  10. Scotty C says:

    Charlie has No Fucks left to give for your “Mandatory Fun Day”, why should I?!!!

  11. Fred says:

    The M113 in the back is legit.

  12. seamus says:

    Anyone else notice the M113 with the sandbag to protect the tracks during a firefight?

  13. Craig says:

    First off,I LOVE tigerstripe uniforms. The “Advisor” and USMC patterns are my favorite.

    Secondly, I se US Army as well as SVN markings on the M113…this must be late war,or was it a “Lend/Lease” type thing during ‘Vietnamization’…?

    Either way, a very cool picture. Would love to have that uniform today.Worth BIG bucks!