Agilite Gear – Edge Hydration Pack


The Edge is a new 3 liter tactical hydration from Agilite Gear. It is designed to attach to virtually any modular plate carrier using Agilite’s new MOLLE Hydration Attach Straps, although it can be worn independent using Agilite’s K Series Shoulder Straps. The Edge is designed around a version of the Hydrapak Tactical Hydration Reservoir, specifically chosen by Agilite for “outstanding durability and user comfort”.


Agilite are running a special package deal price on the full Edge Hydration set, you can get it now at a reduced price for a limited time at

The Edge is Made in Israel from mil spec materials and hardware.

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2 Responses to “Agilite Gear – Edge Hydration Pack”

  1. steve says:

    Image one-pistol mags on thigh rig directly below pistol?