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Victorinox – Knife Combat Utility – Special Offer For SSD Readership

Knife Combat Utility

The Knife Combat Utility is an update to the classic Demo Knife. It is designed to be low profile, with black anodized tools, including:

  • Partially Serrated Blade
  • Awl / Reamer
  • Phillips Screw Driver / Punch
  • Small Screw Driver w/ Can Opener
  • Large Screw Driver w/ Cap Opener / Wire Stripper / Wire Bender
  • Wood Saw / Dual Cut
  • The Windrose Group is offering a special deal for the SSD readership. Get the Knife Combat Utility for $62.50 delivered, anywhere CONUS.

    You can email [email protected] for more information.


    4 Responses to “Victorinox – Knife Combat Utility – Special Offer For SSD Readership”

    1. Glen says:

      Current serving Military and LEO only! For the rest you are not worthy!!

    2. Joe T. says:

      Just ordered six, anyone who reads SSD can get them. The guy said they wanted to put them in the field first. I was given one at Bragg a few weeks ago. this is well put tighter and light not a boat anchor like a regular multi tool.
      I’m giving them out for Christmas. weighs 4.6oz.

    3. Jon says:

      i had one of these knives a few years ago (just Swiss Army branded, my commander had the german army one). I liked it a lot because I like spyderco knives. I gave it to my nephew for scouts and he loves it. Wouldn’t mind getting another.