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You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

The Trump Hotel in DC, courtesy of Dave H of Quantico Tactical.

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28 Responses to “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up”

  1. Dellis says:

    Fresh from a pedicure, nice!

  2. Mehmaster says:

    Ahhh good old pandering to the base. Being in TRADOC at the moment I see these contractors scurrying around trying to sell their unimaginative and overpriced crap to the army because they expect Trump to shit another half a trillion of tax payer money out of his ass for the dod to waste. 9 out 10 of these defense contractors are welfare recipients with security clearances.

  3. Washington says:

    been saying for years gun owner types who never shut up about the revolutionary war and government tyranny etc were always just full of shit and actually just volunteer storm troopers in waiting for some fascist demogoguge, and if “oath keepers” volunteering to protect 7/11s from black lives matter protestors wasn’t enough trump once and for all confirmed that. “don’t tread on me! but go ahead and tread on those other guys though!” “can’t believe I have to pay taxes, what government tyranny!” “you black folks need to pull up your pants and respect the authority of the law!” you all are so unbelievable full of shit I can’t even comprehend the labyrinth of cognitive dissonance you have to navigate to make reality make sense for you

  4. Dellis says:

    Wow ……All that from some slippers?

  5. Guy says:

    Remember, we only like people who ‘weren’t captured’

    • Yawnz says:

      I mean, Trump’s not the only person who doesn’t like Songbird McCain.

      • Mick says:

        But do you dislike him b/c he was captured and therefore a “loser”?

        • Chuck says:

          Trump said: “I like people who weren’t captured.”

          He never said he didn’t like people who were captured. That’s an important difference.

          I can say “I like (or don’t like) girls who have blond hair.” but that doesn’t mean the I like or dislike other hair colors.

          And he called him a loser in the frame of him losing the 2008 election (which he also said “Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have been elected in 2008). A name whom he also bestowed upon Mitt Romney on his 2012 loss.

          He has room to talk to be honest since he won.

          • Mick says:

            I call BS. You’re intentionally ignoring the meaning being conveyed.
            Let’s play it out. You’re talking to a brunette and say “I like girls who have blond hair.” And, to be analogous to what Trump said, you say “You don’t have blond hair.”
            No, you didn’t say you dislike brunettes. But you made it clear all the same.
            Saying Trump is “subtle” sounds ridiculous b/c of his bull in a china shop routine, but he’s actually a master at conveying a message sandwiched between words.
            Pointing out someone was captured, followed by a statement that he likes people who were NOT captured. Throw in the sentence “He’s not a war hero.”
            There’s a clear obvious implication that he does not like those who were captured.
            It’s a variation of anything he says that begins with the phrase “People are saying…” which is code for “I want people to know I’m saying this but also want to have plausible deniability.”
            As a vet, it’s a legit thing to hold against him and hold him accountable for.

            • Jester says:

              There seem to be plenty of vets (and active duty types) who aren’t in the least holding it against him. I have a hard time drumming up any sympathy for McCain in this instance given his failure to stick to the principles for which he was elected.

      • Brando says:

        The kind of songbird that refuses to be released by his captors in exchange for being a songbird.

    • Thomas 67 says:

      FYI, general “Bone Spur” trump is an Old Fashioned Warrior. In his own words:


      • Datamaggot says:

        Thank you for restoring my belief that SSD isn’t full of blind idiots. Great video brother.

  6. Mehmaster says:

    Yes all this from a dla/gsa contractor showing his newly pedicured feet supporting the commercial enterprise of our soon to be sitting president. Obviously you can’t accidentally send a statement like this accidentally.

  7. David Hensley says:

    Actually, they aren’t my feet, they were not freshly manicured and I was in Washington DC on business.

    The Trump Hotels offer a very generous Military Discount to both active and retired military which makes is slightly more expensive than the Marriott down the street which was the event hotel. (Note: I didn’t want to stay at the Marriott because I am boycotting Marriott because their Courtyard brand is the “Official Hotel of the NFL” and because of the Kaepernick crap, I don’t support any company which supports the NFL and I have told them so).

    I have worked very hard since starting Quantico Tactical after retiring from the US Marine Corps. I typically work between 70 – 80 hours a week for the past decade and make no apologies for the success of my company or from time to time enjoying the fruits of my labor.

    As for the picture, you guys have to lighten up and at least one needs to go back on their meds. Geez, it was done in fun and quite frankly, I was surprised when Eric attributed it.

    Finally, it would be interesting to see the real names and e-mail addresses of those making these attacks. Maybe Eric @ SSD will send them to me.

    • Jbgleason says:

      Geez. I was with you 100% right up until you went Full Retard with that last half a threat paragraph. Should have stopped while you were ahead.

    • Jeremy says:

      A bunch of virtue signaling, followed by a veiled threat.


    • bill says:

      I too thought this was funny until you went toddler in a tantrum mode.

      Lighten up Francis

      and a hotel choice based on an NFL football player? LOL… that is taking #HurtFeelingsVeteran to a new level.

    • Steak TarTar says:

      If only we had TrollTrace so we could identify all these meanies having a joke at your expense

  8. Thomas 67 says:

    *Made in China

  9. Mick says:

    Offscreen, I wonder if he’s grabbing them by the p*ssy?

  10. Dellis says:

    Mine was in jest as I saw the light hearted nature of the pic. For those in a rant there must be something that goes deeper than slippers and an SSD patch?

  11. Tazman66gt says:

    Liberals triggered!!!

  12. Dev says:

    Can’t we all just get along? Same side after all.

  13. Whiskey Bravo says:

    Let’s not single anyone out here when you can see some #triggered conservatives as well. Everyone needs to lighten up a bit, this BS doesn’t help anyone.