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Magpul Introduces Medium Coyote Tan To Their GEN M3 PMAG

Shipping in February, 2017 is the new Medium Coyote Tan color to Magpul’s popular GEN M3 PMAG. Previously only offered in Black, they’ve came up with a way to make really strong Tan mags. The GEN M3 PMAG also recently completed an exhaustive magazine evaluation by the US Army and it did very, very well.

Some will question why this new color. The answer lies with the US Army which requires a “Small Arms Weapons Neutral” band of colors. Unfortunately, FDE, although popular, isn’t in that band of colors. Magpul is just giving the customer what they want, and we benefit from it as well. Look for a new NSN for the MAG556-MCT soon.


19 Responses to “Magpul Introduces Medium Coyote Tan To Their GEN M3 PMAG”

  1. Kango says:

    Any more info on this “Small Arms Weapons Neutral” colors?

  2. W says:


    Where are the Glock 26 magazines?

    Thank you.

  3. Joe G says:

    I’d buy that over the tapioca colored magazines.

    • DAN III says:

      Joe G,

      “….tapioca colored magazines.”

      Funny. Thanks for your accurate description and the chuckle.

  4. Dan says:

    How about releasing a version without the bump on the spine?

    • Nick says:

      The over-insertion stop? Why? Just curious as it seems like a solid add.

      • HK says:

        I filed mine off because it was interfering with pulls from KYWI style chest rig pouches. The bump would catch sometimes. I tried to create an over-insertion malfunction without the bump, but couldn’t do it no matter how hard I bashed the mag in, so don’t really need it.

      • Dan says:

        Whilst it may be required for some weapons, I think it is a complete waste of time for an m4. What it does do very well is f@#$ up drawing from a standard mag pouch. After having switched to Lancers due to gen1 pmags letting me down time and time again, I honestly see this mag as still inferior to the awm’s. The spine bump makes it even more so…. how about 2 versions? M4 and everything else?

        • spqr476 says:

          If it were a waste of time, we wouldn’t have put it on there. In rough handling in the rifle, as in 03-02-045 drop testing, or similar impacts in usage, it matters. That’s the main purpose–prevention of overinsertion and catastrophic mag catch failure in severe impacts. And the difference between the M3 and magazines without it is real. Although more rare, it also prevents over insertion on mongo-effort open bolt reloads. If you find you don’t need them, rounding the corners should solve all snagging issues you may have, but you get used to it, and it ceases to be an issue.

  5. Oingo Biongo says:

    Great! Now I have to re-paint my entire rifle and all the accessories, whoa is me!

    Ha ha ha

  6. Chechen says:

    This may seem a tad off topic but im really interested in that stripper clip he loaded that mag with. An all in one system. Ive been out for a while and that’s the first Ive seen that “All in one” stripper clip and feeder system..

    • Greyfox says:

      I believe it’s an AR-15/M16 STRIPLULA made by MAGLULA LTD.
      I have one and it’s awesome. Load clipped rounds or loose rounds then smash them in!

    • HK says:

      That’s the MagLula StripLULA, ~$25. It’s handy and works well.

  7. willsew4kit says:

    why not use the “Tan 499” spec already in existence for molded plastic hardware? Is “Small Arms Weapons Neutral” the same as Tan 499? Is this a case of PM Small Arms not checking with other Army Agencies (NSRDEC) before making a color decision?

  8. Chicken Legs says:

    well there ya go… now if PICA gets on board… but wait, it makes sense, so they likely push back.

  9. Color looks good, but “medium coyote tan” ? There is already a lot of color name confusion between Tans and Coyotes… Might as well go for the trifecta and call it Khaki Coyote Tan

    • spqr476 says:

      So…the Small Arms Weapons Neutral color range–part of the signature reduction program–specifies that the color should be Coyote 498, not lighter than Light Coyote 481. Or thereabouts. The MCT color is in the middle of that range…thus, Medium Coyote Tan.

      • Cool to know the reason didn’t come out of no where, but the average person is still going to be confused. Did they make a specific number for it to help?