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PK Design Lab – PRX Weapon Light

New, from PK Design Lab is the 550 lumen PRX weapon light. Powered by a single CR-123A battery, it incorporates a spring loaded quick fasten rail mount system.

-550 out the front lumens by a 6200k CREE XML U2 chip
-Double side anti reflective coated Borofloat glass lens
-High only or momentary switching system with lockout feature.
-Nickel plated switch conductors
-Type 3 Mil Spec hard annodized matte black finish on the CNC milled 6061 aerospace grade alluminum body.
-CNC micro mirror polished 6061 areospace grade alluminum reflector
-IPX7 weather proofing
-45 minute steady output with standard CR123 cells. Can use RCR’s.
-Body is 3.5″ (90mm), bezel is 1.0″ (25.5mm), weight empty is 3.4 oz (95 grams)

The PRX is available from Milepost 28.


9 Responses to “PK Design Lab – PRX Weapon Light”

  1. Bravi says:

    6200k is pretty useless for a tactical light. That’s no where close to the 4000–5000k neutral temperature it should be. Far too many details are missed without good color rendering.

    • Marcus says:

      Isn’t that the “k” range lights such as the x300/x300u function in?

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Not sure what you mean re: Color Temperature. Neutral is flat daylight, which is about 6500 K.

      Personally, I don’t like tac lights in that range, because at the bluer end of the spectrum, it causes me problems with shadow vs. falloff, etc. I like 3200 to 4000 K.

      Otherwise, looks like a decent light. A two-CR123 version would be better…

  2. jellydonut says:

    Country of origin?

    This is a rhetorical question, unfortunately I know the answer.

  3. d says:

    I’ve not heard of this brand, but kudos to them for keeping it simple.

      • Mike says:

        PK now has a company called PK Design Lab which has 4 styles at this point. It began not long after leaving SureFire. Lots of R&D goes into each light he designs.
        The current lineup:
        1) his 2x CR123 FL2 LE which was his first light. It was the 6P for the new millenium.
        2 his PR-1, a 3 setting hand held version of the light featured here.
        3) his PL2, a 1x triple A twist headlight available in 3 finishes.
        4) his newest the PRX.

        He is rumored to be working on a 1x double A, a 1x 18650 and a bicycle light.

  4. JRo says:

    Anyone know what rail that is?